Janet I Mueller is the CEO of J Mueller Group. She inspires, instructs and empowers her clients and audiences to grow and become excellent leaders. Improving lives, business and careers through practice of personal growth and leadership development. She is a Mom, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author.

Janet is helping leaders and coaches to become truly excellent leaders, servant leaders. Helping to raise a persons self esteem, she encourages conscious, intentional personal growth and lifelong learning. Janet is passionate about making a difference, improving lives,  partnering with organizations,  executives, entrepreneurs, women and youth.

Janet is an advocate and member of the speaker bureau for RAINN  The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. She is a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and recognized as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership’ for her contribution to her family, career and community by the International Women’s Leadership Association. Janet is the author of “The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential and author of “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”.

Janet has appeared on NBC, ABC 7 and SNN6 and interviewed on the Thrive Doctors Radio.

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 The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential

 The Blossoming is a must-read book for any leader seeking to develop those necessary skills that will allow them to outperform most ordinary coaches. I would highly recommend this excellent book not only to  leaders and coaches, but to any human being engaged in the process of self-transformation. —Jose Gomez, M.D. – Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founding Fellow of the Institute for Coaching at Harvard University, Medical School


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