5 essential questions a network marketer needs to ask their prospects!

As a business owner, executive coach, trainer and team builder, with over 20 years of sales, management, leadership experience including 10 years in the direct selling industry, having worked for the largest direct selling company in the world both in the UK and the US I came to learn, value and master the art and science behind asking powerful questions, in some cases one may assume these to be dumb, blunt and obvious questions to ask, during a conversation with a prospect although many have still yet to master these.

By asking these type of powerful questions, it opens the door to learn more about others, understand their “MO”, know their “Why”, the “what’s in it for them”, because when we master these kind of questions, we operate from a much deeper place that allows us to connect on a far deeper level with others, and by doing so, we can truly hear a person’s passion, purpose, ideals, and goals unfold. This can be life changing for them, IF they are committed to achieve their goals and YOU know how to best support them and coach them towards their success.

Tell me more, what specifically attracted you to this opportunity?

The key here is to listen closely, is it about starting a hobby, are they passionate about the products, the company, are they excited about the compensation plan, you want to find out exactly why, they are interested in what you have to offer vs your competitor! Is it about being their own boss, being able to work from home, setting their own schedule etc.

How much income do you need to earn a week/month?

One key thing here to remember, is this is their goal, not the company model, not your goal, for example if the company model shows that a person could earn $500 extra a week, and your prospect has just told you he/she needs to earn $1,000 per week you not going to them they can’t? of course not, so just make sure he/she is the one to tell you how much they need to earn. You can take this one step further, and inquire…what would you do with that extra income, pay mortgage, car payment etc and listen!

How much time are you willing to invest to achieve your income goals?

How important is this question right! It’s no good hearing I want to earn $5,000 per month, and I have no time to invest, sadly this probably won’t work. You may need to inquire, how many hours per week could you invest etc? This will also give you a good indication, as to how many, parties, classes, contacts, they need to do or have in order to meet their desired income goals. By breaking it down for them, they can see what they will need to do, in the time they are willing to invest towards achieving their goals.

What will it do for you, your family, once you achieve your income goals?

Love this question, it really get’s to the heart of their values, what’s important to them, for their family. Will the extra income mean they can work fewer hours at their day job, leaving more time for family, does it mean extra income to pay for a  family vacations, or will paying down that credit faster give them a sense of peace?

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your level of interest in pursing this opportunity further?

During my coach training with CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, we often referred to a coaching wheel, where a person could rate various aspects of their life on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not that great, and of course 10 being absolutely fantastic and so my clients would make their way around the wheel on their initial intake session and rate themselves for example, finances, career, relationships etc. By asking your prospect their level of interest, in pursing the opportunity, depending on how they answer can give you a really good indication on how they may turn out. If someone give you a level 3 chances are they probably will not work out that great. Now if you hear a 8, 9, 10 you had better be ready to walk them right into the sign up process! You can work with 6, 7, anything below 5 well, I am not so sure you would want these folks in your business!



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