7 Daily Habits To Manage Your Time More Effectively

Have you ever looked at the clock and wondered what on earth time swiped your day? You ask yourself “how come despite starting my day on time, working through lunch,  I still find myself behind? Sometimes we can allow non productive activities to take up way too much of our time. Keep in mind your time is valuable, in fact time is more valuable than money. As an entrepreneur in network marketing remember one of the attractions to having your own business was probably time freedom! Here are a few tips to help you time manage your day more effectively.

1. Plan forward at the end of each day, any remaining tasks not completed.

By doing this, you will stay organized and top of your to do items in addition this will help with scheduling and planning future activities.

2. Only use 1 planner for both personal and business use.

Ditch those colorful sticky notes too!  You will be much more effective, and save yourself a lot of time from flipping or clicking back and forth from one calendar to another, if you keep it all in one place.

3. Set some boundaries for your time.

Do not let incoming calls consistently interrupt your daily activities. I know, if you are one of those people who instinctively jumps every time the phone rings, it can be hard to all of a sudden start letting voice-mail do it’s job. Let’s say you have a project you need to have done by 5pm today.  You know that you have some outbound calls to make and research to do in order to make that happen.  How on earth are you going to complete this on time, if  you jump to answer every incoming call all day long? By letting others dictate how you spend your time, you could be sacrificing accomplishing some major important tasks. The beauty of voice-mail is that it allows you to screen your calls and prioritize call backs.  This is a great time saver since not all calls will be important. Some callers won’t even leave a message, in which case it wasn’t that important.

4. Get up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do… Carpe Diem!

Get a head start on the day, you know that the early bird catches the worm right! By doing this you also allow a little time also for any unplanned things that can crop up. For those of you who have children, you know full well it can sometimes take forever to get out of the door due to a lost sock or missing hairband.

5. Set yourself a daily goal of maximum time permitted for example: 1 hour total for Email; Facebook; Twitter; and Linkedin, etc.

Spending too much time here can totally time swipe your day!  You should try to establish a good daily habit by setting yourself a daily time allowance to spend on social media and email so that your other projects can be completed timely.

6. Hold group meetings, appointments, and training.

Not only is this a great way to maximize your time, I find it adds value to everyone in the group. People get to swap ideas, they feel a part of the bigger picture, and through sharing of  success stories or how they overcame a challenge it can be motivational to others in the group.

7.  Stop procrastinating, do not put off something until tomorrow that you can do today!

Sometimes the actual thought of doing something can be far worse than actually doing it. We all have times when we don’t feel like getting it done, however as we know with each new day can come  unplanned situations that need to be handled.  So if you constantly find yourself planning forward the same activity, you could find yourself overwhelmed tomorrow.



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