How To Give a Great Presentation

Have you ever come away from any type of presentation  wondering “What on earth was all that about?” Or maybe, feeling like gosh it just went on and on and on forever? or maybe you  came away thinking about  how it might have been presented better or differently in order to have held people’s attention, increased participation and engaged the listener? Could it have been delivered in such a way that the message could have carried more impact? I know I have sometimes come away from a presentation, driving home thinking wow, that seemed like a lot of fluff, with no real content or value and really just like, well…I suppose much a do about nothing!  Have you ever caught yourself zoning, or yawning and praying that a presentation  would end soon? Have you ever seen those glasses with paint on eyes all perky and alert? Probably not something you could actually wear in a meeting though right, wouldn’t look too cool, but great for taking a nap during a long and boring presentation.

 So what exactly makes for a good presentation?

Well I have to share with you my experience today, having attended what I would consider to be a very well put together all round webinar. So what exactly was just so great about it?

1. On time, the speaker began the webinar on time and did not keep people waiting!

2. The speaker spoke clearly, concise, with inflection and not monotone.

3. The speaker maintained a high level of energy throughout the entire presentation.

4. The speaker invited others on the webinar to share their “WHY” and stories it was not an egocentric all about you know who show!

5. A company support person came on as a mystery guest, unexpected and gave the speaker support, shared a larger perspective and their presence added to the interest and flavor of the presentation.

6. Participants were invited to ask questions, which is great. People  like to feel a part of a process and often have questions.

7. The speaker, delivered quality content, that was visually appealing using simple yet effective slides that were not cluttered or confusing.

8. At all times the speaker was polite and respectful to attendees.

9. There was a call to action at the end.

10. Webinar ended on time.



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