10 Leadership Principles That Can Transform Your Business

I am grateful, for being able to leave situations better off, than what I started with.

I am also grateful for having experienced all the challenges and triumphs that come along with transforming bleeding, poorly performing direct sales markets, that were so down trodden  by the time I inherited them and came to lead that others would remark “Oh good luck there, don’t expect much”?Don’t expect much? What?…

I remember one of the first sales meetings I did, and how I recall feeling deeply troubled by the lack of faith, belief,  low morale , and in general how people felt so uncared for.

What I am going to share with you now, is exactly the values and principles that I implemented and how I was able to transform several direct sales markets from struggling at bottom place, to rise all the way to the top. These are my personal actions and core beliefs, values that I used. If they resonate for you, you can try them too!

Principle Number 1 – Care About People:  Show that you care about your team. People will not care about your vision, your goals or objectives, until they know you care first about them!

Principle Number 2Communication:  Communicate, communicate, and did I say communicate? Great leaders understand the value and importance of regular and consistent communication with their teams. If this is not present, your organization will fill in their own blanks!

Principle Number 3 – Involve Your TeamGet them involved – For example, if you are trying to put together an incentive or training class, you may want to get your team’s input as to what topics they feel they would receive the most value from. People like to feel like they are part of a process, and that they are able to contribute to it!

Principle Number 4 – Foster Creativity & Entrepreneurship:  In order to build a team, it is important to create an environment where people can share their success stories and how they were able to overcome certain challenges.  This creates a safe environment for team members to learn from one another, contribute and grow.

Principle Number 5 – RecognitionRecognize your team members.  Find something positive to say.  Look out for what they have done well, and recognize top performers often.

Principle Number 6 – Be Inclusive Not Exclusive:  Everybody needs to feel needed and part of something bigger. Invite team members to a ‘mastermind’ group where ideas and strategies can be exchanged

Principle Number 7 – Be Fair: Treat everyone fairly.  No displays of favoritism are allowed.  There is nothing more divisive among a team than this behavior.

Principle Number 8 – Pay Attention And Listen:  Listen and listen some more. We learn when we listen and it’s also one of the biggest compliments you can pay an individual.  In prospecting, it is critical that you listen to determine a prospect’s need, for example.

Principle Number 9 – Be Respectful:  Never belittle or put down a team member’s idea in front of the team.  This will only create resentment and a divide like a cat among the pigeons!

Principle Number – 10 Invest Your Time Wisely:  Spend as much time as you can with your top 20% producers as they are the ones generating 80% of your business.

BONUS Principle Number 11 – Empower:  If you want your team to take ACTION, you must help them to connect with their values and their motivators.  Let them know they are resourceful beings, and can!




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