Sponsoring more with cookies and milk

Sometimes, as we all know, children don’t always do what we ask them to do. Despite being told several times they still don’t take action. My philosophy here is that it’s not that they don’t hear you, trust me we had all the ear tests done ha ha, it’s that they CHOOSE not too! They are also testing to see what response they will get when they don’t listen or take the action you want. Recently I asked my 6 year old daughter to stop talking while I was on the phone, I was struggling to hear the other person on the end. Despite me telling her to do this several times, she still proceeded to talk to get my attention. Feeling somewhat frustrated, I finally had to put my friend on hold and quickly came up with a different line. I said…“I bet you can’t keep quiet for the next 3 minutes can you”? well guess what, miraculously she did just that.

She remained quiet throughout the next few minutes and I was able to complete my call. What was at play here?…reverse psychology I think so.

Sponsor more with cookies and milk!

When it comes to sponsoring new recruits, I love Mark Weiser’s philosophy. Mark is a Master Recruiter, who has sponsored more than 10,000 distributors. Mark also was co-creator with Mike Dillard of Black Belt Recruiting. Mark is known as one of the top recruiters in the network marketing industry today and shares more sponsoring tips at: http://www.mlmsponsoring.com

Mark shares his “Cookie Principle”…

“Cookie Principle” How to make your prospects reach for the cookie!

Mark shares how as a kid,  the smell of his mom’s baked chocolate chip cookies had him running home. He says some adults when handed one – a chocolate chip cookie that is, over analyze. We say to ourselves, “hmmm, do I really need the extra calories today” or “how close is dinner”?

Imagine, being over at a friends house, the cookies come out after dinner, you are offered one and your reply is “I really shouldn’t”. Your friend shocks you when she says, “hey I’m sure you are right” and she pulls the plate of cookies away. Not what you expected, right?

She continues…”I bet you wouldn’t like these fresh from the oven chewy hot morsels and a cool, tall glass of milk much anyway”.

Your response likely is to reach for them. You now want what has been taken away!

When you have a qualified prospect, and he/she has had plenty of time to review the company presentation, you know their needs and desires, and you have shown them a way to get what they want and they respond like this…”I’m not sure I have the time to do this”

You respond by saying,  “You, know you are probably right, maybe this is not right for you after all”. This will not be the response your prospect was expecting!

You took the cookie away!  For some, a response will be to reach for it! By taking the opportunity off the table, it can seem more attractive and people will want to be open to receiving!

Try it next time and post a comment letting me know how it worked for you!!!



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  1. Michael Berry September 12, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    Your post Sponsoring more with cookies and milk was very insightful Janet. I love content that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Janet. Take care, Michael

    • Janet Mueller September 12, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

      Thanks Michael, I appreciate your comments.

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