90 Day Action Plan From Overwhelm To Clarity In Your Network Marketing Biz

If you are feeling overwhelmed taking your business online then this post is for you.

Which Strategy Should You Focus On?

You are not alone if you find yourself  feeling overwhelmed by all the different online marketing strategies available to you. You know that you want to grow your business online but you are probably wondering which strategy  to focus on. There’s a good chance you are also feeling frustrated and really just struggling to get results you want with the strategies you are working on right now. It’s not a surprise at all, and it’s not your fault since there are so many different marketing strategies to choose from, when it comes to marketing your direct selling/network marketing business online it’s really no wonder you feel overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on.

Let me help you work through some of this overwhelm and help you get some clarity okay?


One of my favorite acronyms is K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simple Stupid”, and no I am not calling you stupid, the bottom line is to keep things  simple.

First of all,  I highly  suggest that you pick just one marketing strategy to focus on during your first 90 days in business. It takes time to see whether or not your strategy is working. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Pick A Strategy You Enjoy

If you are a huge fan and hang out on Facebook a lot then why not make this your 90 day strategy, and spend time building relationships and networking there.

There’s a lot of folks blogging, what’s that all about?


If you enjoy writing, as I do then go ahead and create your own blog or better yet, to cut down on the learning curve and save yourself the headache and time that can come with setting all this up, have someone help you to do that or let me know and I can help you with this.

What you don’t want to do is get stuck with all the technical set up process because it can become frustrating to the point that some network marketer will quit their business during this set up phase before they have even got chance to create content and start blogging and it doesn’t need to be that way, as I said earlier if you need help with this, just ask!

Your goal with blogging should be to add value to your readers and you can do this by providing regular quality content whereby you are sharing tips, education and anything you think will be of help in general to your niche market’s specific challenges and needs.

So what should you write about?

For example, most network marketer’s/direct seller’s struggle with not having enough leads to grow their business, in which case as you can read in some of my earlier posts, where I share tips on how to generate more leads. I also provide another resource and solution to this problem. It’s pretty simple, by using a attraction marketing system you can learn how to generate your own leads online for any networking marketing business. You can learn more about this at the end of the post.

Don’t get too caught up with the ‘WHAT’, to write initially, it’s good to just start and write! You can start out by writing about something news related, entertainment related or a personal experience that could be useful to your readers, perhaps write about something you learned? You can also get help with creating content, and in time you may choose to outsource and have someone else write your content for you, If you need help with this I can provide you with some resources, just ask!

Generally speaking anytime you are able to write 500 to 700 words this is great and considered an article.

How Long Will It Take Me To Write?

This really depends on several factors. You could spend an hour researching your topic for example. Then it could take you another hour to create the content, followed by another 30 minutes to review, and publish etc. There have been times that it has taken me 6 hours to write an article and other times just an hour or so. Fortunately, I don’t struggle with not knowing what to write as silly as that may sound, but for some I know it is a big challenge, and again if you find that it becomes or is a challenge for you, you can get help with this as I mentioned earlier.

What strategy will you focus on and how will you test and measure the results?

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