6 Solutions To End Procrastination

Great, your schedule looks full. Franklin would be proud! You even planned forward your activities from yesterday, and of course, prioritized each one just as you learned you should. You are feeling excited because you know where you are heading, you are organized, and you like the sound of what’s coming next when you take action on the first 2 items.  Yet for some reason you are stuck! It’s Friday afternoon, where did the week go?

You don’t necessarily need to have ADD or ADHD to be struggling with this challenge. Many entrepreneurs experience challenges with this, and find themselves easily distracted by all the shiny new objects when it comes to online marketing.  Is it any wonder why 97% do not succeed? There are plenty of executives and middle managers who face this challenge also.

So what are some solutions to ending this behavior?

Let’s Dive In And Look At 6 Solutions To End Procrastination Right Now.

1. Deadline

You can end procrastination of any sort by giving a deadline and taking action.

2. “Just Do It!”

I know, I know, just one more training webinar and you got it. Nike said it best…”Just Do It”. So enough already, draw a line in the sand, do it right now, and get started on that product launch, blog or Facebook marketing campaign.

3. Face the truth

Be honest and face what is at the core of what’s really going on.  Yes I know, you just didn’t have the time to… or you are going to do IT this week, etc.

Let’s check in… Be really honest with yourself and ask yourself this question – What am I most afraid of? Why do I keep putting it off all together or planning it forward? Is it a fear of success, a fear of failing, a fear of criticism, a fear of being judged, a fear of not being perfect, what is it? Tough questions right? It’s okay, yes they are tough especially when they hit a nerve.

Acknowledge the real reason, be with it, and choose to tackle it, because you can!

4. Accountability

What can you do to be accountable to your goals? One thing to start – you can journal for example. Journal what you will do and take action on. Then journal what you learned by taking action. You can ask someone you know, a friend, or coach to help you stay accountable with scheduled check in times.

5. Stop Watch

Here’s a great simple way to manage yourself better, you can’t manage time. Set yourself a goal each day of working on a particular task for a maximum time of say 30 minutes, set your stop watch, egg timer, oven timer and when the timer goes off you are done, ready to move on to the next task.

6. Let go of perfections

The desk looks fine, the papers are just fine even if two or three pages are not 100% stacked just right, the inbox doesn’t need to be refreshed 42 times to see if you have new mail it’s okay. Do you know a perfect person? No? Neither do I! So stop worrying about being something only GOD is, and just do your best – enough said. It’s better to try and fail than to have never tried. What’s the worse thing that could happen? You might just surprise yourself. Stop being over critical, and okay I’m going to say it again – “Just do it” because Nike said so, and that’s what the re-record button is for.

Success comes from failing forward.

Love to see your comments and feel free to share this post with anyone you think it could help or be of interest too!

To you, and your action 🙂



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