6 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

Let’s dive right in and talk about some of the main benefits to having your own blog.

Here are the main 6 reasons why you need a blog:

1. Branding

Your blog allows you to brand YOU, and set yourself apart from the competition. You can communicate what you do for your niche, why you do it, and how. You get to choose the layout, the colors, the way your header looks, etc. Too often I see blogs that look cookie cutter sites and there is nothing that sets one apart from the other. Your blog should be unique, it is YOU.

2. Hub

Your blog is your online central hub where all other social media can connect and point to, and away from. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

3. Value

Your blog should be value driven, meaning, the objective is to provide and lead always with value to your readers. What are their challenges? How do you help them? What solutions do you provide? Your content should be relevant to their needs and wants! Be a resource, and provide WOW customer service. Customer service is bigger than ever and will really set you apart from your competition. Think about buying that top quality steak from your local butcher in a small town vs. the wholesale superstore.

4. Online Platform

Your blog should provide resources, training, how-to tips, and valuable content in your posts.

5. Legacy

Imagine your children, grandchildren being able to read and see you, your content, your interactions with others long after you and I are gone. Your blog is actually an asset that you have and that can be read and serve as one way to leave a legacy. It is never too soon start one, would you agree?

6. Own it

There is no other social media platform that you own. That’s right, your Facebook page is not yours, neither is your LinkedIn page. The only thing you do own, and I mean own, is your blog.  Everything else can go away at any moment,  your blog is the only sure thing you have!

Questions About Starting A Blog?

What if I am not technical?

Great question! Good news! You can outsource the blog set up and have someone else help you, saving you a lot of time and effort and not to mention some frustration, if you are not that technical to begin with.

What do I write about?

The most important thing to do is GET STARTED! Simple enough, yet often writing that very first post can be your most difficult one. The best advice I can share with you is, get started and write about something you have learned that others can gain value from. An experience you had, a book you read, a product review; make sure it is relevant to your target audience.

How often should I write?

You can start by writing one post a week, work your way up to a couple per week, and if you really want to step it up I suggest you write every other day or daily! I choose to personally write all my own content, with the exception of an occasional guest blogger. Some bloggers outsource their content, which is fine for them. Personally I believe that my brand is my brand and I would not want someone else writing my content. I also think it is a disservice to my readers, and clients to let them think they are reading what I wrote when it is in fact written by someone else. That does not build trust!

How long will it take me to write a post?

That depends, in the beginning I remember it taking me several hours, whereas now I can write in some cases 800- 1000 word in about an hour. Focus on setting yourself a 30 minute stop. Write for 30 minutes, get up take a break. You writing should be enjoyable and fun and if you are getting to the point where it’s feeling like a burden, it’s time to stop, stretch take a break and return in a while.


So often I see entrepreneurs give up in the first 90 days in their network marketing business. The reality is 97% never persist. One of the reasons I believe this is the case is that there are so many online distractions pulling you in each and every way. If you do not happen to know how to do some of the basics like setting up your own blog,  this can become very frustrating and cause you to get stuck in “tech-stuck” mode and never get ahead.

The good news is….

If you are looking for help in setting up your blog and do not have the time, desire, or technical know how, you can connect with me by clicking here to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Remember, your brand is YOU.

To your blogging success,




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