5 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From A War Horse

Leadership, Courage And Lessons From The War Horse!

We recently took our daughter and her friend to see the Steven Spielberg’s movie The War Horse, and came away with some key take away’s that you may be able to  appreciate and  relate to in some way or another in your own life’s journey.

When you think about the word courage, what images do you see? What about the word leadership what does that mean to you?

Is it about standing up to a class or work bully? Is it being strong like a rock when everyone else around you isn’t? Was it loosing a loved one? Or maybe you experienced some bad accident, trauma, or illness in your life where you had to literally fight for your life?

Stop and think about it right now… What adversities have you endured in your life and found the courage deep within to face and overcome? If you are like me, then probably quite a few.

Let’s take a look at the 5 leadership and courageous lessons we can learn from The War Horse.

1. In the face adversity plow

The farm was at stake, rent was not being paid, and things were not looking good. The promise to plow the field to keep the farm was weak and others snickered at this attempt. Despite the odds, the horse and the son worked all night long until eventually the land was plowed and turnips grew.

2. When you think you cannot go any further, run through the barbed wire

The horse had endured many temporary owners throughout the war, watched over his black stallion friend die, nearly got run over by a tank, and had his coat ripped to shreds running through barbed wire.

3. Stand up for what you believe in and step in front of loved ones to protect them

Even when it seems difficult, or when you feel or think you should not, you should. Have you ever stuck your neck out for what you believed in so strongly at the risk of loosing something? Me too. Because being in integrity with yourself I believe is more important than putting up with  something that is not right. Leadership is about doing what’s right, not what’s popular. It’s about standing up and carrying on.

4. Courage to not give up during hard times

No matter where you are in life, you will always have challenges and difficult times to deal with. We all do! The important thing is, never giving up. Remember that events in life will happen. It’s the meaning you chose to give them that makes all the difference. Look at The War Horse he had the drive, the determination, and courage to keep going, to keep moving forward despite the volleys of artillery and chaos that surrounded him.

5. Adapt to situations and never lose sight of who you are

There is always a need for adaptability. Different situations, different times, and changes. No matter what you temporarily adapt to, always remember at the core who you are and stay true to yourself and what you believe in. When life throws you lemons decide to make lemonade, it’s a decision away and anyway it just tastes good!

Can you think of a time, or several,  when you’ve had to stare adversity in the face,  and despite all odds stacked against you, you plowed through and courageously persevered?

Leadership is the ability to lead yourself first then others. What direction do you choose to go on life’s compass?

Leadership and courage do they go hand in hand?

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