5 Simple Steps To Better Time Management Manage YOU First

Plan to succeed, it’s starts with a plan and implementing 5 simple time management steps that will help you to better manage YOU and finally take back control of your time!

You have heard the saying failure to plan is planning to fail. Most people do not take the necessary time to invest in planning. You may hear people say things like “Oh I don’t have time to plan….”. My response is how can you not? Time management is about becoming a better manager of you and how you spend your time.

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you arrive? You need to have a map before you enter the forest right?

Being in a state of pro-active vs. re-active is where you can take back control instead of blowing in the wind like a leaf with no direction.

So what can you do to crack time management and become a better manager of you?

Here are 5 simple time management steps to help you better manage YOU and take control of your time.

1. End each day with a plan and forward action items, record any unmet or non completed tasks.

You then should prioritize these, example: (1) critical (2) important (3) to do. Eat that frog, as Brian Tracy would say, and tackle that task that you least want to do first! Focus on completing the (1)’s, the critical items with priority. These are the things that MUST be done.

2. Start each day reviewing and adding to you daily action to do plan.

Using some sort of timing device, timer, to keep yourself on track. For example (30) minutes of social networking time or (30) minutes a day to read, respond to emails. Be creative, use an egg timer, the timer on the oven whatever works. Heck use a watch 🙂

3. Say NO to those non producing activities such as watching TV.

The average American is spending 4-5 hours a day watching TV. I find this to be unbelievable, maybe because I rarely watch TV at all. What are people watching for so many hours a day?

If you find yourself watching a lot of TV you should consider spending your time on more productive activities such as tackling that to do list 🙂 or reading a good book for example?

4. Eliminate distractions, turn off cell phones, music, and the TV.

By turning off possible distractions, you will be able to stay more focused and complete your tasks quicker.

5. Stay away from battery drainers that zap your time and energy.

People who zap your time and energy.  Usually they are the complainer’s and whiners or negative Nellies as I like to call them. You will recognize those folks, they are the ones who complain about everything from the weather, to gas prices to external things that cannot be controlled.

What steps can you take today to become a better manager of YOU so that you take back control of your time and say goodbye to time management struggles?

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To your success,


PS: If you are looking to work with a coach to help your achieve your goals,  keep you on track, and improve your time management, I will be honored to help you.



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  1. Stephen January 20, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    Great ideas on time management! I especially like the timer limit to keep on track … I think that I will use that one. it is all about taking action … the right kind of action. Keep up the good work.

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