Personal Development Curiosity, Cats And Chocolate Cake


Personal Development and Chocolate Cake I Invite You To Take A Slice!

As a kid, do you recall asking a lot of “why” questions? You know like “Why this?” and “Why that?” Always wanting to know “What is this?”, or “What’s that for?”  and driving your parents nuts with all your “Why” questions. Me too!

What were you curious about as a kid? What is your story?

I’ve been told that my insatiable curiosity led to pulling plants out of their plant pots just to see what was underneath and then swiping a freshly baked chocolate cake off the counter onto the floor.

How about you?…

What were you curious about as a kid and what are you curious about now today in  life, in your business?

What answers, knowledge and solutions are you seeking? What do you want to improve, get better at?

Are you asking questions?…

Personal Development starts with a simple decision to grow!

I believe in life we are either learning or decaying. If you are like me, then you will agree that learning wins hands down any day. A choice to grow and take the journey along the path of personal development, are you willing to say yes!

We learn by being curious, by asking questions, seeking out the knowledge we want and being open to learn. Willing to take action and doing so. Just as kids, we learned how to ride a bike even though at first it felt a bit scary and uncomfortable. You probably fell off quite a few times and got grazed knees and elbows too, right? Still you continued to ride, you persisted, and learned and through that, you enjoyed many bike rides thereafter.

Imagine not ever learning to how ride a bike?

Taking action on what we learn moves us closer towards our goals in life. Depending on what your goals are, your actions will vary.

We learn by trusting, trusting others, and trusting ourselves. Paying attention to and also trusting our intuition.

Personal development is about growing, growing into who or what you want to become. It’s about giving, doing and being in a ways that are more fulfilling to you.

It’s about  saying NO to certain things that are not serving you. Things that are not  helping you move  closer, towards  achieving your goals in life. It’s ultimately about making a decision and saying yes to growth. Growth is uncomfortable.

When we grow we are able to lead more fulfilling lives. What would a more fulfilling life look and feel like to you?

Can you picture it?

Is it about giving,  helping, and serving others? For you maybe it’s something quite different, it’s personal to each of us. I invite you to really think about it, what is that fulfills you? By saying yes to growth and your personal development you are saying yes to learning and growing.

I invite you to take a slice of chocolate cake and say yes to YOU and your personal development.

Your growth can serve others, you and those most precious to you in life.

Remember…..Curiosity didn’t kill the cat!

To you and your growth,




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  1. Lea January 28, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    True. You cannot personally develop if you are not ready to grow.

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