For Something Greater Never Give Up!

Who or what are you willing to fight for and never give up!

I was recently watching one of Oprah’s speeches she gave at Duke University as she received an honorary doctorate. She shared many stories throughout her speech. There was one story in-particular that really pulled at my heart strings, and so I wanted to share it with you because you might be able to take away one very important message that can help you.

She shared a story about Monica George. A mother who gave birth to a baby and who was expecting to leave the hospital after the birth. 3 days later Monica was diagnosed with a flesh eating disease that resulted in her having to have 37 surgeries.

The surgeries left Monica with both of her arms and legs amputated due to this flesh eating disease. So she was unable to do what most of us would take for granted. She was unable to wrap her arms around her new pride and joy, her baby.

Gosh… What do we have to be grateful for?

Monica shares….

“What good are you if you are miserable as a parent for your children?” and “Don’t ever give up on anything, ever”.

Never Give Up!

A person who you might say had every reason in the world to feel miserable given her particular circumstances and yet she chose not to. Monica chose not to never give up. A warrior who had no choice but to let go and embrace the new. She’d never give up!

What times in your life have you chosen to not give up?

What are/were you fighting for?

The other day I was listening to a story. It went something like this – A man who greatly feared lions was thrown into a cage with them. He was so afraid that he got into the fetal position and would not get up. Even as the lions continued to paw and run back and forth over him he did nothing to stop them. All of a sudden, the ring master pointed in the direction to the other side of the ring. The man looked over and saw his fiance standing there.  In that instant there it was, his reason to get up and fight…. So he stood up and ran to save her.

Sometimes in life it can be difficult to get up. Now, what about getting up for something greater?  Can you? Would you?

I believe you can!  Here’s why…

Just like you, I know there have been times in my life when I felt like the pain was too intense to bear. Like  the time I experienced a physical attack by a stranger who held a razor blade to my throat.  In that moment, I truly thought my time was up. Lights out!

I remembered praying… “Dear God please do not let me die I have way too much still to do on this earth and too many people I want to help and serve”.

I am so grateful and thankful that he answered my prayer.

You have the power to stand up and not be a victim to your circumstances no matter how painful or difficult they are or have been.

It’s these events in life that can also help and serve others for good.

What are you are willing to fight for, get up for, and no matter what, never give up?

  • Write down right now just #1 thing or person you are willing to fight for?
  • Write down the name/s of someone you love who’s life could be improved as a result?

Never give up!

Believing in you,




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2 Responses to For Something Greater Never Give Up!

  1. Stephen January 25, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    Wow great stories here. Sometimes I need a kick in the pants to realize that I don’t have it so bad.

    • Janet Mueller January 25, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

      Yes Monica’s story truly shows us what we can be grateful for.
      I am sure you have some interesting stories too Stephen. Greet each day and feel gratitude.
      I really believe that it’s how we choose to feel and think about life’s events that matters most. I believe that through certain life experiences and events are lessons that can help us to serve others.
      I appreciate your comments!

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