The wow customer service experience

Why delivering a WOW customer service experience is so important?

It is fair to say customer service is a person, a brand not a department. We often judge a brand, a company by the level of customer service we receive or don’t receive. Exceptional customer service is hard to come by.

One of the best ways to improve your customer service is often achieved by listening to former customers, yes those who have left. After-all they must have left for a reason, be it a better deal, a better experience, perhaps they were unable to continue paying for your services or maybe they felt like they hadn’t received good customer service.

If a long standing customer leaves, that raises a red flag. If one of your best customers, champions or fans leave it is time to pay attention!

Remember the customer is always right, even if you disagree. Even if you think they are wrong. Exit interviews are a great practice for example when an employee leaves a company. Being curious, asking specific questions and listening to the reasons they give for wanting to leave can tell you a great deal. You can and will learn a lot by doing this. Unless your organization is of the churn and burn and has a couldn’t care less attitude, doesn’t care why people leave, then in that case the company has bigger problems to handle.

Taking care of your customers need will go a long way towards gaining referrals, new customers and retaining the customers you have. Interestingly, people who have received poor customer service will often tell many, while those receiving excellent service may tell just a few.

So how would you rate your customer service on a scale of 1-10? 1 being not so great and 10 being excellent? Are you open to feedback, hearing the positive news about your service and also the area’s that need help and improvement? One of the worst sayings I hear in organizations is “we have always done it that way” certainly a tried and tested system is wonderful, however each customers experience is unique, each customer has specific needs. It isn’t a one size fits all. The other challenge I see is that unfortunately some companies grow so fast, so big and out of the window customer service goes. As if somehow the owner thinks well I am so big, so powerful, so successful, why bother with customer service, when I can get away with mediocre to customer service.

Organizations ought to be open to receiving feedback about their service, without this there can be no improvement. There’s a saying, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. One way managers, owners can test the waters on the level of customer service their organization, staff provide is to keep a hands on approach. Periodically checking in, opening customer emails, checking staff responses for example. Not to be micro managing, yet rather keeping a pro-active tab on what’s happening.

Mystery shopping, is one way organizations can test the temperature on how well customer service is being given.

Here are a couple of ways to deliver a Wow customer experience

1. Over promise and over deliver.

2. Listen, listen and listen some more to their needs.

3. Welcome feedback positive and negative you cannot improve or change what you do not have knowledge of.

4. Be the difference, add lots of value, more than your competitors.

5. Learning. keep on learning so you can enrich your customer’s overall experience and educate them.

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