Personal Growth Quality Control

 Personal growth is a lifelong journey and quality control is critical.

The importance of what kind of information you allow into your life greatly effects your perspective, mindset and your personal growth.

Your personal growth is determined by the kind of information you allow to hold your focus. You should be gate-keeping, picking and choosing what information you allow in through your senses.

You cannot control other people or the world but you can control what you listen too, watch and pay attention too. Just as you can choose what meaning you give to certain things, or events in your life.

Realize that you hold the key, the remote control is in your hand. You get to choose the kind of information you let in.

Let’s take a look at a couple of different scenario’s and tell me which person you think is making a good quality control choices and adding to his personal growth?

Scenario #1

For example let’s look at Bob, bob like to start his day watching the news. He then listens to it on his drive to the office. During lunch in the canteen he starts to watch the soap, that happens to be on TV. He then engages in conversations with colleagues, about how poor the weather is, how slow the phones are today, the fact that gas prices are way too high. He sits down to a TV dinner or drive through dinner and flips on the news.

Scenario #2

Jim, starts his day stretching and listening to 15 minutes of his CD from Success magazine. He decides to not watch the news and chooses to read 10 minutes before he drives to the office. At lunch he and his colleagues take a walk to the Delhi. Over lunch they discuss strategies on how to add value to their existing customers and enjoy talking about small accomplishments. On the drive home Jim decides to listen to the rest of his CD from Success Magazine and looks forward to his healthy dinner he prepared the night before. After walking the dog, he decides to read a chapter or two of his new personal growth book.

Which out of the two do you think is making better information accepting quality control choices? and Why?

Who do you think is adding to his personal growth?

These two examples are for illustration purpose only. Remember though….

Personal Growth is a choice and you are in charge of quality control, you hold the remote control and you are in charge of what information you let in.

If you choose to surround yourself with negative people, listen and watch bad news and focusing on everything you think is wrong with the world, chances are your mindset is not as positive as it could be.

You  choose at any given moment what kind of conversations you engage in, the books you read, the kind of shows you might watch.

“Quality in, quality out” and in contrast “Garbage in garbage out”.

Simple small daily adjustments over time will make a huge difference.

Here are 6 things you can do to improve the quality of information you let in and help to impact your personal growth.

1) Be around positive people who see the glass half full don’t engage in negative, complainer type conversations.

2) Read for 15-30 minutes each day something that inspires you, bible, personal growth books, Success Magazine published by Darren Hardy.

3) Listen to something motivational, inspirational that uplifts you.

4) Turn off the TV especially the News.

5) Write down 3 things each day you have gratitude for.

6) Learn something new each day that can expand your intellect in a positive way and add value to others.

Personal growth is a choice, take the remote control and make good quality choices when it comes to what information you allow into your sphere.

Love to see your comments below and let me know what channels  you choose to listen to, watch and pay attention too and why?

To your growth!




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