Unleash Your Champion Today Is The Day!

Achieve your dreams, unleash your champion!

Watch the video below and pay particular attention to the words you hear.

When you think of your dreams in life what words come up for you? How would describe living your dream?

You may not be an athlete, you may not be competing in the  summer 2012 Olympics, yet you CAN be a champion in life and in your business/career.

You are a champion that serves as a role model to your clients, customers, your family, your children, your community and inspiring others.

What does being a champion look like for you? What are you doing, who are you helping and inspiring along the way? Whose life could be better because of you?

What dreams do you have that you want to achieve?

I would like to give gratitude and special tribute to the icon and role model Peggy Fleming, the 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater. An incredible athlete and woman who has inspired many.

A  Champion in life and in her athletic career!

She is a champion who has inspired many young girls’ dreams, who later went on to become champions themselves.

I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Peggy speak at an Avon conference some time ago. She is a woman of courage, an inspiration, and a beacon of hope for other women battling with breast cancer. You can read more about this in the link provided below.

Listen and watch this video and leave a comment at the end of this post.

Peggy Fleming is a Champion survivor of breast cancer. To read more check out this link.

Inspiring you, to “Unleash Your Champion” – Today is the day!

Love to see your comments, thoughts below.




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