An Attitude Of Gratitude

What do you feel gratitude for today?

I believe that gratitude comes from having the right kind of attitude. Yesterday my family and I spent what I call a lazy Sunday afternoon, something we have not done in a while. I say lazy, when actually we were busy yet it didn’t feel busy, it was just fun. We spent several hours just kicking a football back and forth, reading and pitching golf balls. We enjoyed the sun, being together and laughed a lot. All of which I am grateful.

As I continue interviewing breast cancer survivors for my new book, I am in awe at their courage, strength and attitude in life.  We all have things in life we can be grateful for no matter what life has dealt us. There comes a real power and sense of freedom in choosing our attitude, how we see life’s events and the meaning we decide to give to them. It’s finding the good in even those most difficult times that counts.

Out of every situation in life, you are free to make the decision to find the good, see the blessing, and embrace some kind of learning. In some cases it can mean a second chance in life. A new life. Not one perhaps that we knew exactly before, but nevertheless new. A chance to be reborn.

Really no matter where you are in life whether you are living your ideal best life or not there are always things to be grateful for. It’s really  a mindset a conscious and purposeful choice to see the good and feel gratitude for the people, events and things in life. Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

So what are you grateful for today? What do you have gratitude for?

The sun rising

The sun setting

Your health

Your family

Your Faith

Your friends

Your work

Your mentors


Someone who encourages you

Someone who inspires you

Someone who pushes you to be your best

Goals achieved at work

Goals achieved in life

Recent trip you had

Family vacation

What 3 things are you most grateful for? Feel free to share the things you have gratitude for below, love to see your comments and as always if you found value in this post, pass it along!

Gratitude is an attitude, you have the power and freedom to choose how you see and think about the people, events and things in your life.





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