Mindset – Mind Over Matter Is The Glass Half Full

A positive mindset, mind over matter does it add up?

Have you ever wondered why some people get ahead or recover faster than others?

This applies to every area of life. Why do some people recover faster than others? In sports and exercise; how come some people’s recovery time is better than others? In business why do some people get ahead quicker, in their careers climb the ranks faster than others? When it comes to health, why do some people recover or combat disease verse others?

I am a big believer that  mindset and faith play a significant role towards the outcome.

Your mindset towards life, life’s challenges, your relationships, career etc.  Do you choose to see the glass half full or half empty?

What is your mindset?

Attitude, attitude, attitude…. You see it play out everyday. Often people are hired because they don’t just have a good resume, but rather that they have an amazing attitude and mindset. I am not saying that credentials do not count, what I am saying IS, that attitude and mindset are and can be as much or even more important in some cases.

Who wants to work with a know it all that has a bad attitude?

A person’s attitude to their work, their life, towards other people. Think about it for a moment. When were you last around someone who in your opinion had an amazing attitude and mindset? What was it they said, did, and had you thinking “Wow”, they have a really good attitude?

I am sure if you think about it, you can also recall a time or more recently when you were with someone who had less than a good attitude and mindset, right?

When it comes to mindset, attitude Are we born with it or do we attain it as a result of our environment, experience and people we surround ourselves with?

Why is it that some people who have very little have the most? Why do they remain positive despite life’s challenges? Why do some people who seemingly may look like that have a great life, speak so negative?

I believe we “choose” our mindset, the way we want to see the world. Often people will say to me, “Oh, you are always smiling”, yes I am.


Have I had a perfect life? No. So why do I smile often?, simply because I choose too. I also know how much a smile can mean to someone else who may be in a time of need.

So what exactly is it that might have you saying “Oh, yes he or she has a really good attitude and mindset”?

Is it any or all of the following? Leave me your personal thoughts and comments at the end of the post. What contributes towards a positive mindset, a great attitude?

  • Positive
  • Sense of humor
  • Outgoing
  • General outlook on life
  • See the good in others
  • Willing to help others
  • Empowering
  • Inspiring
  • Uplifting
  • Good work ethic
  • Good values

I also believe that a positive attitude and mindset contributes immensely when it comes to dealing with disease, and health conditions.

The mind is such a powerful thing, you are probably familiar with the saying “mind over matter”. Interestingly enough, I was watching Tony Robbins with Oprah Winfrey the other evening, observing Oprah walking across hot coals, the fire walk, that Tony Robbins has become well known for, at his live events.

What was interesting to see was, just how much Oprah, really didn’t want to walk across the hot coals, she felt fear as might anyone in her shoes, or bare feet 🙂

I was so proud of her, she faced her fear and did it, she walked across the hot coals. It’s not really about a fire walk, but rather a it’s a metaphor, for how you move towards or away from life’s challenges. Do you progress forward or walk away?

What you may not know, is that prior to the walk itself Tony Robbins prepared Oprah and all those who walked, by immersing them in positive mindset and energy techniques.”Unleash The Power Within” -Tony Robbins event?

To learn more about “Unleash The Power Within” and Tony Robbins click on the link below:


I believe you can do, achieve and conquer anything in life, if you have the belief, faith and right mindset to do it!

Over the last week or so I have felt incredibly honored and privileged to interview several women, breast cancer survivors and I am in awe of their strength, their mindset, attitudes and their outlook on life. I admire their courage, their willingness to stand up and fight for and against their disease and not give up.

I realize that medicine plays such a critical part in recovery, and I also believe that a positive, healthy mindset does too.

Love to see your comments below and feel free to share with anyone else who can benefit.





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3 Responses to Mindset – Mind Over Matter Is The Glass Half Full

  1. Lesa February 29, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    You mentioned cancer survivors, which reminded me of my grandmother. She died nearly 20 years ago but I remember this as if it was yesterday. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, I asked her why she wasn’t doing more to participate in her own recovery. Her answer was, “It isn’t up to me. It’s up to god and my doctor. If god wants me to survive, then I will.” She only lived a year and a half after diagnosis.

    Refusing to participate in her own recovery was a lot like sitting on the bench and expecting the rest of the baseball team to win the game for her.> It doesn’t work in baseball and it doesn’t work in life.

    Would she have beaten the cancer with a different mindset? I don’t know. It may have been the missing ingredient that would have lead to her cure… or it may only have prolonged her life. What I know for sure is that a different mindset would have helped her to enjoy the life she did have left a whole lot more.

    • Janet Mueller February 29, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

      Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. You raise some interesting points. Our beliefs of course are very personal and we all choose what we want to believe. With that said, I agree, that mindset can go a long way. There may be no proven statistics however I can share with you that the women I am currently interviewing for my book, all are survivors of breast cancer. They share a positive mindset, faith, hope and belief that will serve to inspire others. My personal belief is we have to take a proactive approach in our health care, in a multidisciplinary way. Partner with Doctors, Care Givers, Faith and our own mindset. Thank you for your heartfelt comment Lesa.


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