5 Reasons Why Writing Your Book Is a Great Idea

A Champion's Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer5 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Writing Your Book

I’m pretty certain you have knowledge, wisdom, life lessons and expertise you could share right? Yes of course you do. Think about it. As a parent you may  have advice for other parents on what it takes to succeed in parenting. You may have gained expertise in your chosen field or career that can help others and share ‘how to’ information. You most certainly have life lessons to share, we all do that can help someone else to shorten their learning curve. As an entrepreneur you have business lessons, stories of success, challenge and struggle you can share to encourage, support and uplift others on a similar journey. Maybe you want to make a bigger difference and leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and for generations to come and share your family recipes, or your life story, and things you have learned that you would like to pass on to your family. I believe we each have a message, a story to tell, many stories actually and so why not share yours this year? Why not make 2013 your year to make a difference and leave a legacy?

So here are five reasons why writing your book is a great idea!

1. Leave a legacy for generations to come

2. Share your life lessons, knowledge and advice with others

3. Liberating experience the process and journey of writing a book

4. Make a bigger difference in the world

5. A great way to support and enhance your brand and products, programs and services.


“The World Is Waiting For My Words” – Barbara De Angelis

the world is waiting for you


So what will it take to write your book?

A lot of people say they want to write a book and yet of the 86% of people who say they do only 1% actually do why is that?

How to overcome the 3 biggest challenges of writing your book

A) Priority

Like anything else in life you need decide what is a priority. When writing your book becomes a priority you will make time for writing it and it’s really that simple. If it doesn’t get on your calendar chances are it won’t happen!

B) Focus

There is no question that focus and discipline are just a few of the needed and necessary ingredients to writing your book. Certainly many face the challenge of being easily distracted. A problem experienced by many entrepreneurs also. Your ability to stay focused is key to writing your book. Staying focused will help you to start and finish writing your book from A – Z.

C) Fear

Often people who want to write a book share similar fears. A fear that your work will not be read. Fear that your writing is not good enough.  Fear that no one will buy your books.  Fear of not knowing the outcome.  Fear of letting go and allowing yourself to flow, to trust, to write and be with the process the journey.

On our recent family vacation to Jamaica my daughter decided that she wanted to go swim deep in the ocean with the horses. I have to admit, I  wasn’t comfortable going out into the middle of the ocean that deep to begin with never mind with a horse. There was a part of me that felt afraid. Fear of what was in the ocean that I could not see.

I liked the idea of doing something novel and exciting yet I felt fearful at the same time. Reluctantly I decided to do it despite my fear of sharks and not knowing if I’d safely get back to shore. Unexpectedly part way through the journey I experienced a serene and spiritual moment as I lay on my back in the ocean out of control being pulled along by a horse. I looked up into the blue sky as the sun shone down and warmed my face. There I experienced a sense of tranquility and peace. Something about the water and trusting the process brought me to a spiritual moment. As I look back, had I instead allowed my fears to win the day and get the better of me, I would have missed out on such a beautiful and special experience and such a cherished and delightful journey with my daughter.

When it comes to writing your book you likely will have certain fears. Try focus on the gain and pleasure that you will have along the way and at the end of the journey. It takes courage to express and write and it also requires you to trust and to let it flow. Let the potential pay off move you to action and not the fear of any pain deter you from writing your book.

I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing New York Times Best Selling Authors and many other authors and have learned what it takes to succeed as an author.  I’m blessed to have had a New York House pick up my book which will now be in bookstores in 2013. I’d love to help you on your journey. You can learn more by attending Author 101 University and the Author Master Class go HERE for more details:

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Love, Serve, Lead, Make a Difference – Leave a Legacy


PS – Disclosure – From time to time I share valuable products  and program which I truly love, use, and are happy to share with my friends and family.  If you purchase anything I recommend here or in any of my communications it is very likely I will receive an affiliate commission. If you ever have an issue or problem with something I have recommended, please make sure you let me know! I only recommend and share programs which I have personally purchased or attended and I know will be of value to you. – Janet




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