A Significant Life

lifeDo you think when all is said and done that God will marvel at all your accomplishments in life?

Certainly we all want to feel like we’ve lived a life of significance. This poses two questions. First what is a life of significance and of course this answer is personal and unique to each of us and then how are you living a life of significance?

What is a significant life all about and what does it mean to you? Is it about asset accumulation and possessions? Is it about rising to the top of your chosen profession? Is it about giving back and making a bigger difference in the world? or is it something quite different?

I have a question for you…

Do you think God cares about the career you exceeded in, or the fancy car you drive or the perfect straight A students your children are? Is He going to look back at your resume and say my my,  WOW didn’t she or he do well. Will He be pleased with you because you had the most amazing relationship with your spouse or that you own the best house on the block? I’m not saying these things are not nice or to some even important what I am saying is, how much do you think this matters at the end of the day?  You will decide that for yourself.

 Will He be more concerned with how you showed up in life, how you handled the lessons and life experiences the planned and unexpected ones?

My gut feeling is that I think God is likely to be more in tune and curious about how we handled, reacted and dealt with the events and experiences we lived with and through in our lives.  The lessons we learned along the way and the wisdom our soul exudes because of them. But that’s just my ten cents. What are your thoughts on this?

I want to invite you to come up with a life of significance statement for yourself. Something that is meaningful to you. Something that you can strive to live by each and every day. Your purpose and mission in life and knowing this will help you create your life of significance statement.

Mine is to: Love. Serve. Lead Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy.

What will yours be and what can you do each day to live by the words you create as you lead a life of significance?

Love to see your thoughts, comments below.




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