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Why now is the best time to be alive!

As authors, coaches, entrepreneur’s we are always challenging ourselves and encouraging those around us  to reach up higher, stretch and get out of comfort our zone. This is exactly what self-made millionaire and New York Times bestselling author Randy Gage did when he wrote his latest book “Risky Is The New Safe – The Rules Have Changed”. Randy well-known as the prosperity expert, the millionaire messiah and author of nine international best sellers agreed to speak with me in an interview about his latest book “Risky Is The New Safe” a step by step blueprint for succeeding in the new world. We’d like to share this interview with you and let you decide if now is the greatest time to be alive in all of history.

To listen to my interview with Randy and learn more about him and his new book “Risky Is The New Safe” click on the player below:

Randy Gage – “Risky Is The New Safe”

Risky Is The New Safe the four-part rock opera came about from a life transforming experience Randy experienced whilst living out one of his bucket list dreams, riding an elephant through the rainforest. In his latest book you will discover:

  • The trends and mega trends, the accelerated changes we will see in the next decade and how these impact family, business, Randy Gagethe corporate world and society
  • Cloning, bio-genetic engineering the collapse of the euro
  • The cataclysmic challenges that create breathtaking opportunities and why now is the best time to be alive in all of history
  • Why he believes the education system is broken and how valuable a 6 month certification can be vs MBA
  • How to be a critical thinker and create wealth by solving problems
  • How successful people think differently
  • How to create whole brain synchronicity and why entrepreneurs should be moving fast and breaking things

To purchase a copy of Randy’s book go here: Risky Is The New Safe

To learn more about Randy Gage, go here: Randy Gage

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