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A Champion's Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast CancerIsn’t it time that you finally shared your message with the world?

It’s time to turn your dreams into reality! If you are waiting or wanting permission it’s time you give it to yourself and if you still feel like you need more you then you have mine also so GO!

Recently,  I had the pleasure and honor of speaking with parents and students at a ‘Build A Book’ event. Helping them to realize and encourage them that they each have a unique message to share. Encouraging them to share their messages with the world. We all have some unique message, a voice and some life experience and perspectives we can share with others perhaps about how we believe things are, could be or should be in the world, in life.

The question is…what does it take to become a published author and what can you do to put yourself in the driving seat to accomplish your dreams and finally write and publish your book, sharing your message with the world and helping hundreds, millions of people in the world too!

Last October I attended an incredible event in Las Vegas. Since attending the event my previously self published book was picked up by a New York House Publisher and will now be published later this year. This is very exciting and it can be equally exciting for you too! If I can write a book then so can you. So I’d like to help you and offer you some resources that I believe you can greatly benefit from on your journey to becoming an author and sharing your message with the world…

Here are three resources you can use to put yourself in the driving seat between now and the end of March!

1. Attend Author 101 University in October – Las Vegas and March in Los Angeles, CA.

2. Join me for a FREE training and coaching call on Monday evening Feb 18th to learn more about what you need to know about writing your book

Who: coaches, aspiring authors, parents, entrepreneur’s, teachers all welcome

Where: Call In

When: Mon Feb 18th

Time: 8:30pm EST

Dial: 605-475-4000


3. Write down three reasons why your message needs to be out there in the world (How can you help people, what do you know, what have you learned, what can you teach) Write your idea and concept down.

7 Reasons why attending Author 101 University is a GREAT idea include:

— Connect with literary agents who want to represent you
— Get your new book published or your old book revitalized
— Make your book a bestseller
— Learn how to turn your online promotions into huge exposure (and sales)
— Transform your message into a mega success business
— Meet and network with amazing people
— And so much more…

Your dream doesn’t have to be just a dream. For more details and to register for Author 101 University in LAX go here:

I’ve encouraged so many people to attend this incredible event, and I’m excited to be meeting some new and old friends in March. So just today I decided to become an affiliate for this program having attended previously and will be attending again in March.  So yes if you do register using the above link I will earn a commission. I give thanks to you in advance!

Can’t wait to talk with you on Monday night Feb 18th mark your calendar 8:30pm EST for a FREE 60 minute training and coaching call! Teaching you what you need to know and learn about writing your book and sharing your message with the world! Here’s the dial in number again and access code!

Dial 605-475-4000


Talk Soon!



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