Raising Our Future Leaders

How are we doing, raising our future leaders?

As parents,  coaches, teachers every minute we spend engaging with, teaching our children, clients and students we are depositing seeds of greatness into their lives. We are nurturing and helping to raise smart and appreciative children and indeed planting seeds, helping to raise our future leaders. As a parent and educator I have had the pleasure of working alongside teachers in both the public and private sector, in classrooms and have volunteered many times helping out with my daughter’s classes.

One of my observations has been that the children tend to light up around those teachers who demonstrate compassion and empathy in addition to being firm and providing structure. I believe framework and discipline is important I also believe caring and compassion are equally important.  I consider myself a very active parent who is involved with my daughters education and now homeschooling.

Many of my friends are teachers. I have a high regard of teachers and consider myself one of them. My Dad a school teacher, taught math and PE. A good friend of mine is the head of a PE department in Jersey. Another a teacher of twelve years in a catholic school. Several are teaching in a private christian school. One of the teachers my daughter learned well from was a first grade teacher, she was warm, caring, joyful and at the same time firm in a non threatening way.

So while I think it’s important that we combine structure, discipline along with creativity and creating a fun and warm learning environment. I think children who are left to their own devices, too much self direction in some schools lack in structure and to the opposite, too much structure can suppress creativity and leave natural talents amiss. Causing children to feel like they are in a box.

I think a better question is how do we arrive at a balance? Providing the framework and structure and also the freedom to create and express natural talents. I think teachers have a challenge today, limited resources, forced to teach to the test. I think another question is…what can we do to better partner with teachers? How can we as parents best partner with those who are entrusted to educate our children in classrooms?

Many of my friends are teachers. My Dad was a school teacher, teaching PE and math. A long time friend of mine is also the head of PE.




Helping our children to think critically and to develop their natural talents while providing a framework and learning environment with structure. I also believe compassion and empathy go a long way in nurturing children and can reduce violence in schools.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside teachers in both the public and private sector. Volunteering on many occasions in the classrooms.


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