Seek and you shall find

Seek and you shall find in a place you already know!

Your soul is the quiet peaceful place, it’s home. It’s the patient and silent observer. It’s your truth. A journey back to you happens when you seek to embark on a magnificent adventure. It’s not your thoughts, your mind it’s the place you were created from.

A journey that can take a lifetime, a few years or for some people it may never happen. A journey that unfolds in time, in it’s own time and not in yours or mine.

An internal growth that will happen when it’s supposed to happen and not when you desire or want it to happen.

To journey to your soul you must seek inside. You have inside all that you seek. Many people are seeking outside, outside of themselves in the work, in their habits, in places, running from one to the next. Your desire to chase after and seek is often in all the wrong places. The answers are in you.  The answers have always been in you.

Lives caught up with rush, productivity, overwhelming demands and work lives that over extend into life sapping your energy and leaving no time for anything else turn into stress, medical expense and a decline on health and well being.

The treadmill continues, the hamster wheel persists and the soul is somewhere deeply buried underneath layers of shield.

The heart is stone waiting to soften and be.

Peeling back the layers to unleash the butterfly, your true beauty your whispering soul.

For a while you sit, you notice the birds sing, a sense of peace and tranquil overcome you for a split second and there it is. There you notice the seeker has found what he and she seek most. What he or she seek most beyond the money, the work, the habits, the events and all the places one seeks.

One is on a journey, a journey to self.



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