Mothers Day and Lessons From Mum

My Mum married her childhood sweetheart my Dad. She was an only child and grew up in the small town of Wakefield, in England.

Mum was born in 1945. She loved to go dancing with the girls, play tennis, loved animals and went to a secondary education school the same school I later went to also.  My Mum didn’t have a college degree.  She had various jobs worked in grocery stores, doctor’s offices, raised money for local farms and worked in a factory packing biscuits or as we call them here in the US cookies.

Some of my most treasured and fondest memories of my Mum include drawing and coloring pictures at the kitchen table usually following lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I remember she loved me to tickle her feet when she’d laydown in front of the warm fire especially on days she’d walked home from work in the snow. I smile as I remember how she’d call me a pet name “Mary” her little tickling girl.

We’d dance and sing in the living room to records by Jim Reeves and she loved the Beatles, and the band Status Quo. I think she even had a little crush on Fran Rossi.

Her childhood sweetheart, my Dad in his twenties went to California to be with his parents who had earlier boarded the Queen Mary bound for the US. Later my Dad sent for my Mum and soon after they were married, had a honeymoon in Las Vegas and were living in sunny California driving a white MG and thereafter giving birth to me in 1970.

At the age of just four my parents decided to move back to England. My Dad was a teacher and had taught at the Walton School teaching Math and PE to kids including the late and celebrated pop star Michael Jackson.

As a young child I grew up taking care of my Mum. My mum was unfortunately sick for a large part of my childhood. My Dad had left home when I was just five and later returned.

Through this experience of being a young caretaker, taking care of my Mum has taught me some valuable life lessons. It taught me compassion, empathy and how to be responsible at a very young age. I learned how to cook and take care of the house and make dinner for my Dad when he came home from work.

I remember feeling anxious at the thought of not knowing if my Mum would be okay or not when I came home from school each day. Instead of playing with my classmates at recess I’d call home to check on her and would worry when she didn’t answer the phone. I’d pray to God that she’d be okay.

Sometimes I’d come home and find my Mum still in bed or in chronic pain on her hands and knees. As a young girl this was very scary and I loved my Mum so much I was literally afraid she might die and that there would be no one to take care of me.

I am so grateful to my Mum and love my Mum. She has taught me some valuable life lessons. Through her illness and 13 surgeries she taught me that it’s possible to heal holistically through alternative methods such as chiropractic care.  She also taught me how to be responsible at a very young age indirectly through my taking care of her.

Today I’m grateful to my Mum for teaching me these life lessons even though the experience was at times very difficult.

I’m grateful to my Mum because through all of this I have become responsible, self-reliant, independent and hard-working and discovered my passion to teach, coach and help other women and girls around the world how to be heart driven leaders, leaders with compassion, empathy of courage of character. I have to credit my Dad for my creating math books in his garage and me teaching the neighborhood kids though!

Mum I love you and I’m grateful and blessed that you are my Mum. I know that you didn’t have the easiest of times in your life and I know you did the best you could do and I love you. Happy Mothers Day and Birthday Mum this weekend.

Wishing all Mums, Moms, Mother’s a very happy Mother’s Day sending love, gratitude and warmth your way for the incredible things you do have done and continue to do for your daughters and family. Thank you for the lessons and sacrifices you have made in your life that shape who we as daughters become and for the lessons we can pass on for generations to come, leaving a legacy.

What has been or is one of the biggest life lessons your Mum has taught you? Love to see you share your comments, life lessons below!



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