Honoring Your Courage


I believe the world needs more courage. More people, leaders willing to step up and do what’s right. Certainly, there are times in all of our lives where we’ve demonstrated courage either in the past or most recently.  I’d like to honor you for those times. Perhaps you took on a new role in your career, made a change or transition that was difficult. Being a great role model for your children takes courage, for example standing up and speaking out against issues like bullying – a real problem we see in schools and in the workplace today. Perhaps you’ve left a job to start your own business, or moved away to a new place, or have left home to go to college. All of these things take courage. These are acts of courage and I honor you for that.

With courage and or even more courage think about and picture what’s possible for you?

Courage gives you the freedom to be, do, live and achieve the things you want in life. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s rather the overcoming of it. It takes courage to go after your dreams, goals, and vision in life. It takes courage to move forward despite adversity. It takes courage to step up, step out and go first.

Take a moment right now and see yourself at those defining moments in life where you have been courageous. How did it feel? What did being courageous allow you to do and be? How by being courageous did you free yourself and expand your life, your opportunities, skills, wisdom and knowledge?

Imagine living a life with even more courage, more courage to truly live your dreams and achieve all that you desire for you, your family and those you love and lead.

I’ve recorded a video for you to watch below where I share a personal story and I hope  this message will serve you, add value to you, and teach you several things you can do to have more courage so you can charge after your dreams and live the life you desire.

I challenge you to go after your dreams, goals and vision in life. To be bold, be brave and step into your own courage more fully so you can live the life you want and in doing so you serve to be a beacon of light and hope for those around you, helping them to do the same.

How can you demonstrate courage this week? Leave your comments and questions below.

Love Serve Lead Make a Difference Leave a Legacy!



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