Flight of Courage Living The Life You Are Meant To Live

Living from your most courageous self what would you do, where would you go, who would you be? What would living a life of no regret be for you? To imagine looking back on your life five, ten even twenty years from now and seeing it like a movie play out what do you see, how was the movie?

Research has shown that when a person is dying, one of the things they say they most regret is not living with more more courage to have lived the life they truly wanted or to have done the things they really wanted to do.  This awareness tells us therefore then that we should strive to live our lives more courageously. Doing what we really love, being who we really want to be, going where we really want to go, and saying what we really feel rather than living a life that is less than.

Be a butterfly, have the courage to fly.

Imagine a chrysalis that has now become a beautiful butterfly and yet you remain bound, trapped in the old cocoon? Flying around trying to find a gap, a way to ascend. Surrounded by the layers the residue of the cocoon that indeed have been shed some time ago. You see them, they remain and your flight is bound and contained by the shell.

You look around. You see, feel and sense, you know that your growth, knowledge, wisdom and practice has outgrown your current environment. You have become a butterfly and now all that remains is the open space to fly out and be free. Freedom to fly to embark on your next journey. It’s as though your spirit has transcended your surroundings and yet you are still bound by your body and surroundings in a place where you no longer can grow. The layers, the fragments broken off are no longer needed, they no longer serve you and are not there to serve any other purpose only as a pure reflection of your growth.

Your growth is intended to be used for a higher purpose, a calling that you feel, know and acknowledge you are ready for. The next phase of your journey excites you, even though uncertain and vulnerable; a journey that will require more courage still and it’s one that you know intuitively has been calling you for a long time. One that will call forth your most courageous self. Your highest self, to embark on a  journey that will allow you to fly and fly higher and grow even more so you can soar to greater heights and in doing so you serve more fully by sharing your beauty with others. Your radiating beauty gives hope and light and serves to help other people grow, to transform, to radiate their own magnificent beauty so they can shine like the sun. Casting off those layers, to no longer be bound so you can be and live a life you were meant to live; to be all that God intended you to be, to use the gifts He has give you, to courageously live a life that you are supposed to live.

Live with courage, be bold, be brave, be beautiful and live the life you are intended to live and fly.

When you are ready, you will know, you will feel it, sense it, see it and hear it. Have the courage to fly and the live your life to the fullest a life of no regret.

Photo credit: Beverly & Pack / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND



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