Growth, Change and Environments


Is it possible to remain in the same environment once growth and change has occurred? The more you grow the likelihood is also that you will at some point  outgrow. Your conversations change. The people you desire to be with and hang out with change. Intellectually you desire to be around and engage in conversation that you find more stimulating and perhaps not so mundane. You want less drama in your life not more. Striving for more peace in your life and less drama will mean letting go of some relationships entirely as difficult as that maybe.

I believe it’s everyone’s God given birthright to grow, to learn, its healthy to want to grow and become a better you, when that happens everything else around improves too. It takes a conscious effort, time, money, investment to develop yourself, to educate yourself and of course we are taking beyond school and college here. I’m talking about personal development.

As you grow your perspectives change, you have new insights, deeper wisdom and understanding. You have serious decisions to make if you cannot remain in environments that stifle or hinder your creativity or that don’t honor your true self. You may even be in a relationship that is trying to hold you back and protect you.

Growth and educating yourself becoming more of who you want to be is  not about being superior or strutting around as though you are better than anyone else, it’s an awareness, an honesty that you have grown and the truth is you’ve also out grown certain environments. Again it’s not that you pound your chest and say “I am better than you” it’s a decision you made to personally invest, grow and educate yourself further, for whatever reason you have and everyone has the right to do so whether through books, attending seminars or otherwise. You will find that people will try to stop you, try even sabotage your efforts and learning and even go to great lengths to protect you from what they think, yes I said ‘what they think’ you need protecting from. This often stems from their own fears, doubts and insecurity.

I believe this is inevitable if youv’e been on a growth journey for any considerable amount of time. It’s impossible to remain the same when you are not.  Should you pretend to be to please other people, so they feel more comfortable? I think not. So why do some people seek growth and not others?


You’ve heard the quote be the change you want to see in the word. What if you are growing and you have people around you who are not. People that are more interested in hating on you instead of supporting you?

What if you are with someone who is afraid you will grow too much and leave them? Their fear intensifies and their control or hold over you becomes stronger.

So how do you stay in the same place, the same environment, or even in the same relationships? What if you are the only one growing in your relationship or relationships?

How do you find the old conversations stimulating? How do you be with growth and lack of growth at the same time? How do you be with a prosperity mindset and a lack mindset for example? How do you deal with jealousy or worse yet a partner who is trying to sabotage you behind your back out of their fears?

Is it possible to remain the same when you’re not? Should you or do you think its time to move on? Love to see your comments below, tell me how change has impacted your life, your environments and relationships. Did you stay, did you go did you work it out somehow?







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