Avon Manager Legacy Lives On

A Champion's Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast CancerA moment of reflection…16 years ago actually on  9/4/1997 I boarded a one-way flight from Manchester UK to Orlando Fl to follow my dreams. I re-call it was around the same time frame we learned of the passing of Princess Diana.

Having been born in Los Angeles, CA  I’d grown up with a dream to one day return to the USA. Everything I had come to know and love and wonder about life in Halifax, UK would now change.

Uprooted, and gone was the familiarity, safety and comfort of what I came to love and know and instead I was filled with uncertainty, adventure and excitement at the future.

Earlier that year, I’d met an Avon Representative in a local diner in Orlando, whilst vacationing with a girlfriend Debbie.

Upon returning to the UK I thought…”I wonder if I could do the same work I did in England, I wonder if District Sales Managers with Avon were needed in Florida” …That one thought, one question and follow up changed my life.

While life is a journey and we never stop dreaming and asking questions I cant help but think how true it is, that the quality of questions you ask determine the quality of life you can live and my life by no means is perfect. I’m constantly growing, learning, dreaming, asking questions and chiseling away.

I encourage you to always be curious, to wonder, to ask quality questions, to have the courage to follow the dreams in your heart tJudyhey are the children of your soul. I give gratitude and thanks to my best friend who encouraged me to follow my dreams despite the many naysayers who said “well who do you think you are, what make you think your so special” – even though Judy is not with me today her legacy lives on in “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”. I’m forever grateful that she believed in me and my dreams. I encourage you, girls and women all around the world to GO boldly, confidently and courageously, follow your heart, your dreams, and believe that your dreams can come true.

I’m most grateful for the friendship we had and blessed that Judy’s son Elliott who was just 7 years of age when his Mum passed away to breast cancer, will be joining with us flying in from England to celebrate and honor his Mum’s legacy and the launch of Elliott“A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”. We will celebrate and sign books the weekend of Oct 5th and 6th 2013 more details shortly.

Elliott, now 15 studying business in college, his Mum would be so proud. I’m honored and desire to be a positive influence in his life and know Judy would love that.

Love to hear and see your comments below and feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be reviewing comments personally



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