Meet Me In Miami

Judy“Meet Me In Miami”

That’s exactly what she said. “Meet me in Miami for the Millennium”

Of course I said “Yes.”

After all if she was willing to get on a plane, all the way from the UK to come to Florida certainly I’d get in the car and drive from Gainesville, FL to Miami.

I’m sure you’d do the same.

Why? Because she was my best friend. She was also someone who encouraged me to go after my dreams in life and someone whose life inspired me to write “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”.

You have a best friend that encourages you right? Judy had encouraged me to pursue my dream of leaving the UK and moving out to the USA. I’m sure you have a best friend who encourages you too.
How to tell?  You know a best friend when you have one because they behave a certain way…

1. They believe in you and your crazy dreams
2. They are the ones who support you when everyone else has turned away.
3. They love you anyway regardless of your flaws and imperfections.
4. They sing your praises when everyone else doubts you.
5. They stand with you in the good times and in bad.

Unfortunately Judy passed away to breast cancer at the young age of just 33. Blessed I am for our friendship because I have the honor and privilege of helping  Judy’s legacy live on. I believe we are all here to serve one another. Here to make a difference and pay it forward.

I’m grateful to share her story, and voice. Her life inspired me to help seven other women share their voices and messages of courage and faith in my latest book now available in your favorite bookstores. I’m grateful to my mentors for also helping me to share my voice. I believe especially as women it’s so important that we share our voices and stand for something greater and in doing so, we help other people.

I believe we each have a story, a message to share with the world and I’m excited to share these stories with you in time for October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.These stories will serve you not only in October but indeed in any season; whenever you or someone you know needs encouragement, courage, faith and borrowed belief. During a stormy season see yourself as the gymnast and springboard ahead pushing through and beyond difficult times. See yourself rising up and thriving beyond, as have these women and I who share all our stories in ‘A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer‘.

Download your FREE sample chapter now go here:

bw book and flowersBe a friend to someone who needs your encouragement and give them a copy of “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer” to learn how with a ‘Champion Mindset’ it’s possible to survive and thrive beyond life circumstances and breast cancer. Go here to get your copy now:

What do you think makes for a best friend? How are you being, showing up as a best friend?

I’d love to hear and see your comments feel free to ask any questions below, I’ll be reviewing and responding personally.

In the meanwhile…Love, Serve, Lead Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy!

– Janet


Janet I Mueller is the Founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy, Life & Business Coach, Speaker and Author of ‘A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer’. Janet has appeared on both local and national TV including SNN6, DayTime NBC, ABC 7.



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