We just returned from a fabulous trip, our third time to be precise. Investing our time and resources at Author 101 University in Las Vegas. It meant taking our daughter out of school for several days so she could also learn more about becoming an author too! An experience both her educators and us as parents value.

I’m excited to now have my book ‘A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer’ published with Morgan James Publishing as recently as this month. Although our trip didn’t include a fanfare of sightseeing we did take some awesome photo’s from the plane! We also had a wonderful time giving, learning, serving, and having fun with some incredible people.

I was reminded that we get to choose each day whether we give or get and that we don’t have to wait to have it all before we give. In-fact my family and I don’t have an abundance of financial resources yet we love to give what we can.

When we give, we feel good. Good that we know we are helping people. Giving comes in all shapes and sizes, be it giving of your time, resources, self and of course money.

I believe that giving is vulnerable when it comes from the heart. We put ourselves out there not with certainty, but simply with good intention. A good heart with a desire to give from love not knowing how or if the gift will be received.

Some of the gifts we feel blessed to have given on our recent trip and gifts you may choose to give too may include:

  1. Our time to volunteer to help and serve aspiring authors and authors and the event planning team and event hosts.
  2. Small gifts of thanks in a material sense to show our appreciation for being there and serving.
  3. Donation, giving back in a monetary sense to help a cause educate children and support a sister messenger.
  4. A gift to thank a mentor that I feel has helped me tremendously through his teachings.
  5. A gift of listening and helping, serving attendees helping and supporting them during their training to ensure their experience was pleasurable while providing them with great customer service.

IIMG_1347 believe generosity, kindness come from love and a desire to help people. It comes from our love for one another and from our hearts and is something we are each capable of doing each and every day with little to none, or an abundance of resources. It doesn’t cost anything to hold a door open for someone or give a smile to someone!

I’d like you to choose to give something each day starting today. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or extravagant. It may be allowing another car to go first in traffic. It could be giving your time to stop and truly be present and listen to someone. It could be volunteering your time.

Giving is healthy for you, it also helps you to feel good and is nice for the person or persons receiving the gift. I believe it’s equally important to include you in this sum too. Remembering to give to you. As women, moms, parents we can sometimes put ourselves last as nurturers and givers. I have come to learn the importance and increased health benefits associated with giving to ourselves which is why I incorporate weight training and a daily run into my daily routine now and eating healthier along with getting more sleep and good hydration.

What could you give today? What could you give from your heart with no attachment to how the gift is received or if you will gain from giving?

The true art of giving is selfless it comes from love with no expectation. I’ve often been accused of giving too much and perhaps you have too. I argue that I don’t believe we can ever give too much what we must do is also remember and make it a priority to give to ourselves also in the gifting.

I’d love to see, hear your comments below and as always feel free to ask any questions. I’ll be personally reviewing and responding to your words below, go ahead and tell me what you think?

“Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable” – Joyce Brothers

What can or will you give today?

– Janet

Janet I Mueller is the Founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy, Life & Business Coach, Speaker and Author of ‘A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer’. Janet has appeared on both local and national TV including SNN6, DayTime NBC, ABC 7.



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