Love You Are Christmas

YOU are the Gift of Christmas. Christmas IS in YOUR heart. You are Love.

Christmas lives in you. Not just now for this season yet always.Your gifts are waiting to be unwrapped, no not under the tree, in your heart yes! Your gifts are waiting to be opened, untie the ribbon. Sometimes there are boxes inside other boxes and it takes a while to unwrap. Each box preciously wrapped each containing a unique gift. Your unique gifts!

Certainly out of every challenge, every adversity we can choose to see those difficulties as blessings. Tony Robbins reminds us, to ‘blame for the good’ in other words out of every challenge comes something better.

When we do see our challenges, as gifts we can use those gifts to serve for good, for a greater purpose and help each other. Serving from the heart. Helping to heal spirits. I am deeply grateful to several of my mentors who have helped me to be more courageous, confident and creative. Thank you from my heart sincerely to Brendon Burchard for helping me find my voice, have the confidence to speak and teaching how I can share my message, love more fully to serve and help more people.

Tony Robbins for your heart and healing my personal development Dad. Darren Hardy the coach in my corner, kick butt thank you I think 🙂 I’d written an email to Darren two years previous asking how should I share my story’s of struggle. Thank you Darren for advice, I hope I’ve got it right here.

Like me, you’ve likely endured your share of challenges, adversity in your life. At around five, my Dad left luckily he came back. I recall feeling as a kid as though perhaps I’d done something wrong, to cause him to leave. You could say, I struggled with abandonment issues. As kid I remember loving to create math text books in my Dads garage and teaching the kids on the street. Growing up, my passion for gymnastics was huge. So big in fact I actually thought I could be an Olympian one day. That didn’t happen no kidding, had fun trying and practicing though 🙂 the sport itself taught me a lot about endurance, perseverance, teamwork and self discipline etc.

What sports were you into as a kid? What did you love to create and do?

At eleven, I failed an exam at school and so I went to the school for the ‘not so smart kids’ as they’d coined the term. As a girl growing up with this label, I could not shake the ‘inferior; feeling of feeling ‘dumb’ as though I wasn’t smart enough.

Had I not have had this experience I probably wouldn’t value education and creativity as much as I do today for women and girls particularly! Creativity is so important, turned inward it can cause depression that affects many women today.

For a large part of my childhood I became a young parent, a caretaker to my Mum who was ill for a lot of my childhood and who now thankfully is in good health. This uncertainty, not knowing how I would find her each day when I came home from school caused me to feel  anxious a lot of the time.

I’ve since learned that there is no safety in certainty. All we have is today this moment. It’s in living, taking risk that we feel alive. (How much risk? that’s your call).

Fifteen plus years ago I was physically attacked, my boyfriend at the time had got drunk and left me to walk home alone in the dark whilst on vacation. I’d spent most of the evening care-taking him. On the walk home I was attacked, raped had -a razor blade held to my neck. In that moment I re-call praying “Dear God, please don’t let me die”

I am blessed and deeply grateful He granted me a passport to live, to more time so I could help and serve other people on their journey.

Each day is a gift!

Eight years ago, I lost my best friend to breast cancer at just 33. A problem that affects one out of every eight women in her lifetime.

Judy inspired me to write my first book that led me into the local community to interview women who are thriving beyond their journey’s. I believe the compassion and empathy I have for them was born out of personal adversity. We share all our stories in “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer’ – Healing stories for the mind, body and soul. My hope is that this book will serve, help and encourage women around the world it is possible to thrive beyond adversity and breast cancer. With faith and a positive psychology it is possible to champion this, to rise up and beyond it. Learn more go here:

I share these personal stories with you, not for self pity rather to inspire, give you hope and share that even though we all have challenges, difficulties in our lives at times we can all choose to see these difficulties as blessings. As gifts under the tree or yet rather in your heart waiting to be opened. To untie the ribbon.

We can use these experiences to help heal the hearts of many. The truth is we all have a past, we each have some pain from our childhoods, relationships and in our adult life. I don’t think we ever have it all perfect but what we do have is choice. A choice to choose to see these as blessings in our experiences.

I am deeply grateful for my mentors who have helped me to find more courage, share my voice and have the confidence to speak it. A burning desire and passion to help serve and heal hearts around the world is a priority and a personal calling I feel.  I believe we all have an abundance of gifts. Imagine if we all stood up, rose up and unleashed our gifts in a positive way to help heal the spirits of many around the world.

We are here as messengers. To serve and help one another on our journey’s. I believe we are called to serve and that the world is in need of ‘Servant Leaders’ to rise up and shower the world with compassion, empathy, love and humility. We will see a rising of more ‘Servant Leaders’ those of us who lead the way will set the standard, a new way of being for many.

Join me, stand up, rise up and let’s get on with it now – moving forward with a ‘GIFT UNWRAPPING’ Party and let’s choose to celebrate life, spread good cheer and help heal the hearts of many. Our love is needed more now than ever.

As you notice each picture, I have included some teachable points from this post.  Katy Perry has a great message in her song “Roar” about being a champions -click on the image to listen 🙂

  1. Turn Your Challenges Into GIFTS
  2. Christmas Is In Your Heart
  3. Lead With Love Help Heal Hearts
Meeting Brendon

  1. Courage
  2. Confidence
  3. Creativity

  1. Unleash Your Champion
  2. Express Rise Up Lift Up Don’t Repress
  3. Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win

  1. For Something Greater Courage To Speak & Serve
  2. Rise Up – Share Your Voice Help People
  3. Make a Difference Leave Your Legacy
 A Champion's Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer - MJ Final Cover

  1. Share Your Gifts
  2. Serve Help Heal Hearts
  3. Community
Love - Serve - Lead

  1. Compassion
  2. Empathy
  3. LOVE




























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