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How can you make your difference, contribute and give back? Giving back is in concert with my brand and I’m sure it is of importance to you too.

How can you share what you know, have learned and experienced that can help someone else? If you are an entrepreneur and have the desire, passion and feel that you’d like to help and mentor, and encourage other entrepreneurs then this is a time sensitive opportunity for you!

In consulting, collaborating, and connecting with our friends in Jamaica at the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’, I am extremely excited to share this with you.

Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Unite

The Branson Centres located in Jamaica and South Africa are in need of mentors who are available to give 1-2 hours of time per month for a 6 month commitment to help mentor other entrepreneurs. This can be done on the phone, in person or online.

Certainly if you have the passion and desire to make a difference and would like to help other entrepreneurs on their journey I highly encourage you immediately to fill out the application for consideration here now, by day end on Dec 18th.

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give. ― Ben Carson

Go here right away to submit your application! Think about the difference you can make in someone else’s life and business.



Love – Serve – Lead, Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy!

Happy Holidays!

It feels great to give, go ahead.

Your friend


PS – Feel free to share how you are making a difference and giving back!  Love to see your comments and questions below!




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