Competitor Leading Prescription

How are your competitors thriving today?

Certainly times have changed and as a result, even though change can feel unsettling, transformation is necessary in order for organizations and business’s to thrive today. Re-invention and change is constant.

Some of the challenges experienced by many companies and especially those a century year old can be overcome with the right kind of partnering seeking solutions to the challenges they face today. Many experience challenges with retention, fewer memberships, and a decline in volunteers. Some are experiencing retention issues with top talent. Do we continue to find autocratic leadership at the helm, and if yes, what can be done?

The saying goes something similar to ‘at one time leadership was a about muscle‘ and yet really it’s about getting along.

I am always asked, how are organizations thriving today? What exactly is the leading prescription? What are the magic ingredients? The key is really to foster a healthy work environment, one where people feel appreciated, valued and respected for their contribution.  They feel open to being able to express their ideas. An environment that welcomes diversity and different perspectives. Certainly as employees they feel part of a grander purpose and that their jigsaw piece is needed in order to complete the puzzle. Contributions are needed to fulfill the overall objectives and company vision.

Communication is always a critical element.  Finding ways to communicate more effectively throughout the entire organization, thus reaching far and wide, is essential. Often at a grass roots level it is often easy to look to leadership as the problem and in some cases it is. The saying ‘people leave people not companies‘ is a view shared by many. For the newer employees, less seasoned in an organization the prescription is providing them the right kind of education, tools, training and resources in addition to peer support to help them progress. Hiring – hiring right the first time is golden. Hiring for life.

For those organizations that welcome volunteers, appreciation and gratitude never goes out of fashion. When volunteers feel appreciated they will move mountains to help and support the organization. Unfortunately the opposite is also true! When they feel unappreciated, taken for granted, they do leave in most cases.

Remembering that at the core of business, of all business, we are in the human business. In relation with each other. We are in the human business creating human to human experiences.

How are organizations thriving today? What are they doing? How are they being?

1. They focus on retention, keeping the people they have and reducing turnover. This is achieved by creating champions for their brand and company, and delivering quality customer service.

2. They are innovative, creating new ways of doing things that keep them relevant in today’s market.

3. They communicate effectively from grass roots all the way through to executive leadership.

4. They insist on a collaborative environment and welcome new idea’s.

5. Respect never goes out of fashion and that means respecting everyone within the company no matter their position.

6. They focus on finding the solutions and do not complain. They direct their energies towards the new rather than fight the old.

7. They work to build bridges and improve communication wherever possible. Understanding relationships is key.

8. They focus on providing exceptional customer service to both their internal and external customers.

With the right kind of partnering and leadership development organizations can transform. Transformation begins with personal transformation. We cannot thrive by holding onto what worked hundreds of years ago if we are to thrive today and in the future. Putting the heart at the center of business and keen focus on creating quality human experiences. The organizations that do, win the day. An antiquated culture has enormous impact on how leaders behave. In some organizations a culture shift is needed, a new way of doing things and with that often comes push back. Whether we like to admit it or not, change is often the way forward regardless of how uncomfortable things might get.

Many organizations are thriving today and we see many are modeling and implementing the servant leadership philosophy – a way of being that transcends and transforms companies.

Janet I Mueller - 032214Janet I Mueller, founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy, Consultant, Speaker, Coach and Author of ‘A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer‘. Janet has appeared on both local and national TV. She is hired for her expertise in leadership development. For consulting, speaking and executive coaching please forward your inquiries to:



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