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While some might say that success is about advancing in ones career. Others may define success by the size of their bank account. Some define success by the quality of the relationships and connections they have in life. Then there are those who are living, fulfilling their passions and purpose, doing what they love to do and they describe themselves as being successful.

How do you define success? What does being successful look like to you? What are some of the words you’d use to describe success what do they sound like?

Having fun and loving what you do seems to be a common thread among those who consider themselves as successful. People that feel they are progressing in life, learning something new, making progress towards a goal and contributing may also see themselves as successful.

In your life, where do you consider yourself a success? Where are you heading for the future, and what do you desire to be, become, do and accomplish? What vision and goals do you have?

My belief is that success is truly personal. We each have a compass, a true north, a direction that guides us to a place by which we refer to and describe to as success. However, the journey itself towards such a place if it exists at all, is to be truly honored rather than focus on celebrating an end. Many find that as they achieve certain goals the then game-changer, goal posts move. There are now new goals in place, new things to accomplish, to strive for. We know that taking ACTION on the things we desire to achieve promotes happiness. So while an end in mind is a direction a destination, progress during the journey always is to be honored.

Where on your journey could you feel honored?

So what do you think? Do we ever finally land in a place or do you think we are always on a journey?

Having had the privilege, honor of coaching, helping and supporting clients worldwide in my coaching practice I see, hear and feel that there are commonalities, certain ingredients that people pour into their soup of success and several of these qualities are described here:

1. Passion
2. Fun
3. Focus
4. Hard work
5. Persistence
6. Strengths

Where do you see you are presently on your journey toward your definition of success?

What are some of the challenges you face? What changes do you need or feel you want to make in life? Where do need to most focus? What idea’s do you have that if implemented could propel you forward, moving you ahead and helping you to becoming the person you desire to be, or accomplishing the goals you have?

Where would you need to take action? What has prevented you from doing so now or in the past? With more clarity helping to put an end to overwhelm to seeing more clearly the path ahead, what would that do for you?

What could you make progress with here? If you could move beyond self doubt, fears, rejection and criticism what could you do? What could you accomplish?

I felt like you were not there to get people to buy your stuff, but had a genuine message to share. You shared from your heart and bared your soul – two things that are difficult to do – especially on stage – before a bunch of strangers. Your message came across loud and clear. You have inspired me to finish the book that I am working on (fiction) and write a book on overcoming grief.
—Solange E. Ritchie, Esq.

Janet’s presentation was high energy and totally authentic. She speaks from her heart and is totally engaged with her audience. She makes a great contribution.
—Patricia Noll, Author

Janet I Mueller - 032214Janet I Mueller is the founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy. She is published author, leadership development coach, speaker and consultant. As area vice president with a national home health company she successfully led and developed a diverse team of sales executives and clinicians. She has successfully led teams and multi million dollar territories with fortune 500 and 100 companies in the direct sales industry. Janet is hired to speak, teach, consult and provides executive coaching and training for personal growth, transformation and leadership development. Janet is a mentor to entrepreneurs -for the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’. She has appeared on SNN6, ABC 7 and Daytime NBC.

During the month of March & April Janet is providing (45) minute complimentary coaching strategy sessions for a limited number of individuals. The sessions are $500 value. She invites you to schedule an appointment during this time by emailing your request to:



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