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Author101UniversitySpeakingAs a leadership development coach, speaker, trainer and published author  I am blessed to help people around the world.

I believe we all have a message to share that can help other people.

I believe you have some wisdom, knowledge or life lessons that you can pass along that can inspire other people. Perhaps a self help book. A family recipe guide. A how to guide or perhaps a fiction novel? Your expertise from your work in the corporate world?

The question is…how do you become a published author? What will it take for you to share your message?

What do you need to know, learn and do to become a published author and make a difference, contributing and helping other people in the process? What legacy do you desire to leave in life?

My family and I just recently returned from Author 101 University, California.  I am Incredibly grateful, honored and blessed to have been invited to speak on stage and share my story, what I have learned on my journey this far and excited to teach and share these lessons with an amazing audience of around 300 like minded people, just like you.

We know that 83% of people want to write a book someday, and yet not all do. Why is that?

Since writing a book is a GREAT way for you to leave a legacy. A wonderful way for you to pass the torch, to share your story, your knowledge, your wisdom and expertise. Ultimately it is a great way to help people, to make a difference, to leave a legacy.

So then, what will it take then for you to take your idea out of your head and into print? What do you need to know, learn and do?

#1 key lesson I learned is this…it’s called BLOCK time!

BLOCK time is dedicated time each day that you choose to spend on a given project, for example writing your book. It could be a (90) minute block of time that you choose to devote to your project each day at a certain time of day.

For example you may decide to write for (90) minutes straight from 9am until 10:30am each morning or if you are a night owl, you may decide to write once the children are in bed, when the house is quiet and write from 10pm until 11:30pm.

In addition to block time your desire to help people with what you know, to make a difference ought to be at the top of your list. You will also need the five ingredients below:

1. Passion

A passion for what you are writing about. An expertise in a given area either through research, results or indeed a combination of both.


It will demand of you to be dedicated. To see the project through from start to finish.


You will want to establish a routine for your writing, blocking out time each day to write.


My feeling here is that you will want to help people. To make a difference and to leave a legacy.


Your desire to share your wisdom, expertise, life story and knowledge in a way that is useful, helpful to other people.


Janet I Mueller - 032214Janet I Mueller is the founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy. She is published author, leadership development coach, speaker and consultant. As area vice president with a national home health company she successfully led and developed a diverse team of sales executives and clinicians. She has successfully led teams and multi million dollar territories with fortune 500 and 100 companies in the direct sales industry. Janet is hired to speak, teach, consult and provides executive coaching and training for personal growth, transformation and leadership development. Janet is a mentor to entrepreneurs -for the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’. She has appeared on SNN6, ABC 7 and Daytime NBC.

During the month of March & April Janet is providing (45) minute complimentary coaching strategy sessions for a limited number of individuals. The sessions are $500 value. She invites you to schedule an appointment during this time by emailing your request to:



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