Leaders Feel Better

How can we help our leaders today to feel better?

The best leaders lead with their heart and head, they think and feel.

Why are so many Pastors, leaving our churches?

Why are many corporate executives transitioning away from stressful careers and opting for a life of more balance,  more meaning and less stress?

Why do many leaders feel as though they are shouldering all the burden and often complain – “it’s lonely at the top”? Why do many leaders feel like they need to be perfect?

In my coaching and consulting practice I often hear clients share just how undervalued, tired, and exhausted they feel in their careers to the point of feeling burned out and in some cases ready to quit their jobs.  Many love what they do, yet feel as though they want to contribute more and have more meaning in life. Many feel as though they are not appreciated and valued for the work they do. They also feel like they have to wear the mask of perfection to lead and don’t feel comfortable with being who they really are beyond their title or position?

What do leaders need to DO today to help those they lead to FEEL better?

The BEST leaders know how to motivate, encourage and develop others They practice these 7 behaviors:

1. Be an encourager

The best leaders pull up, not push down. The best leaders by far are the ones who lead by encouragement.

2. Development

The best leaders make it their priority to develop those they lead. They focus on developing the positive traits and behaviors in those they lead.

3. Community

The best leaders create community. They understand that people want and need to feel connected.

4. Let it go

The best leaders understand perfection doesn’t exist. Certainly they do demand the best from themselves and those they serve and lead.

5. Appreciation

The best leaders value those they serve – both their internal and external customers. When leaders treat their staff well, the customer, consumer FEEL it too. It’s a domino effect.

6. Self Control

The best leaders don’t blame others. They focus on what they can control and they are always asking themselves this question “What could I do different, or how do I need change?”.

7. Moderation

The best leaders understand the importance of balance. Tired, exhausted employees are not happy, engaged, enthusiastic employees.

What do you think? What do some of the best leaders do in your opinion?  What do you do?

Which of the above could you implement into your practice this week to help those you serve and lead to feel better?

Tell me what you think? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

Janet I Mueller - 032214Janet I Mueller is the founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy. She is published author, leadership development coach, speaker and consultant. As area vice president with a national home health company she successfully led and developed a diverse team of sales executives and clinicians. She has successfully led teams and multi-million dollar territories with fortune 500 and 100 companies in the direct sales industry. Janet is hired to speak, teach, consult and provides executive coaching and training for personal growth, transformation and leadership development. Janet is a mentor to entrepreneurs for the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’. She has appeared on SNN6, ABC 7 and Daytime NBC.



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