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“A friend to all is a friend to none” – AristotleSONY DSC

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down” – Oprah Winfrey

Just as true love is rare, a true friend is rare. Cynics will have you believe a person is only nice or sweet because they want to GET something. I think this a very shallow and sad way to view people. There are genuinely good people in this world that actually do have good hearts. Unfortunately those who have big hearts also risk being hurt, they love fully and deeply. I know first hand, I happen to consider myself a LOVE, a person who loves deeply and gives abundantly. One of the biggest lessons perhaps I can share is this, if you like me are a passionate, love, a heart, we tend to get hurt deeply. The education here is learning to love and if somehow possible at the same time guarding our heart, and giving it to those we most cherish and love. Falling in love by accident happens and we sometimes don’t realize that until further down the road. I also believe when people are in love they behave in a silly way, in goofy kind of way. LOVE is beautiful.

Certainly as we grow, we learn and we learn what we want and don’t want when it comes to relationships. Through our growth and learning we can make better decisions.

A True Friend

A true friend loves you for all of you. All that you are, yes, including your flaws, including your imperfections and scars. A true friend loves you for all your life, your entire story, all of you. A true friend doesn’t love you because you or your life is perfect. A true friend doesn’t say “Well, hmmm let’s see… I love this about you, but not that part; or I love this of you, but not that”.

A true friend is someone who is there in your greatest moments, in times of celebration and in times of hardship. A true friend is always there for you. They don’t say “I’ll be your friend when you are doing exceedingly well, or when you have achieved this, or earned that”. No, a true friend cares for you, is there for you in all times, in times of happiness, sadness, triumph, failure, love, loss, joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure.

A true friend gives 100%.

A true friend loves you because you are you. A true friend is there for you in good times, in difficult times, and never turns away from you when you want them or feel that you most need them. A true friend could be someone in your immediate family, it could be a friend you met recently a friend you have known for a long time. A true friend doesn’t seek to be significant to the point of power over you and dance in your smallness, no a true friend raises your ideals your vision your possibilities for yourself, for your future.

A true friend doesn’t put you down, mock you, criticize you and have a deep-seated jealousy of you. No, a true friend is with you every step of the way in good times, in hard times. A good friend you are when you receive a call in the middle of the night and you go to help.  A true friend is there for you.

In life I don’t believe we need thousands of friends, perhaps a handful of close ones. A handful who you can trust, who are really there for you, who have your back, who are your true friends.

And you, being a true friend to someone doesn’t always mean they will be a true friend in return. Even in families there is a usually a person who gives, and helps, and is there to be the rock. Those people are the ones who are the first to help, the first to run to assist, the one that shares abundantly and the one who is often the most misunderstood. In my life I have discovered I have a habit of always trying to help everyone, always trying to fix everyone’s challenges, always the rock.

To the hearts of the world, we love deeply and care deeply – this is true. There is a beauty and risk in opening our hearts a vulnerability to LOVE. Because when we truly love, we risk being hurt.

I think in life everyone has their own agenda of who, or what they think you ought to be. How they would like to see you or your life turn out and some are only concerned with what’s in it for them. In these times to the giver, to the hearts, to the good natured and kind hearted, in this I say pray for protection, learn to love fully yet guard your heart giving it to those who you most deeply cherish and love.

As you grow and mature, certainly there will be people in your life who you choose to not want to spend time with. Those likely who are pessimistic, who mock you, who don’t or can’t appreciate the beauty and divine in you. Spending less time with people who devalue you, or dismiss your internal goodness and beauty.

As a lover of life, a heart myself, I have learned that I tend to give so much that there at times is little, nothing for me. We all have a need to feel valued, appreciated and loved.

Having those true friends in our life is everything. A growth path, a journey I plan to continue. Sometimes we get hurt because we feel like we are being a good friend and we have the back of those we care for, we give fully.  Certainly we all need a few friends that we can count on, that have our back too.

As I continue to strive to be the best friend I can be, a lover of humanity, what do you think makes you a great friend, a best friend?

I feel grateful and blessed to have made, in my opinion, a few wonderful friends on my journey this far. Learning to love, learning to trust, learning to open your heart fully is an education for sure.

What makes for a true friend in your opinion, what do you think? How would you describe a true friend?

Feel free to share your comments below, love to see and hear what you think makes for a true friend.



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