Dreams Making a Difference

I believe we are all here to make our unique difference in the world. Each of us has a dream, a vision, a goal that we aspire to live. Often our goals, dreams, visions include many people, and we have a bigger purpose than only serving ourselves.  Our visions and dreams go beyond that, they serve and help many.

What are your visions, dreams and goals for the your future? What do you see ahead, far ahead into the distance? Does it feel a long way a way or are you aligned and close by?

She smiled widely, holding the warm cup of tea her husband had brought to her earlier. His arms around her.  Her heart full of joy as she watched out the office window, with much pride at their daughter horse jumping. The daughter’s dream come true. The office was cozy, a warm fire burned with two easy chairs on either side. A place she loved to write, coach and listen to music and help her clients, surrounded by a beautiful library with an array of books including her own New York Times best sellers. Both she and her daughter share the same compassion, empathy and caring for helping people a bond they hold dear. Her daughters passion for horses began when she was just two.

She had grown to love horses and recalls how her parents would often bike ride with her, her safety seat attached. She thinks of herself as a horse whisperer. Her Mom would smile in amazement as she watched her two year old, so tiny, so delicate reach up and out to this huge and beautiful creature. And there it was, a bond for a lifetime was born. Truth be known, she was more comfortable around horses than her mum. Her mum cautious around such a huge animal. Mum would get over that. One day we shall have 7 horses her daughter said. Her dream to be a horse trainer. Today she is living her dream, she jumps and trains horses. Empathic by nature, both she and her Mum love helping people. A partnership born and fueled by experience, personal experience. Today they help children and adults with horse therapy, horse healing on their property. Her Dad enjoys taking care of the horses and if truth be known, we believe he has a secret love for riding too. They also help children, adults to write, to express and write books. Retreats are also offered to help women. They love to entertain and enjoy being with great friends, mentors who love to brainstorm and discuss all the various ways of helping people and their unique expertise. They have traveled and delighted in speaking, singing, teaching and inspiring on stages worldwide.

A beautiful combination, a partnership, a passion, a business a love for humanity and horses and healing. Teaching, training, coaching and helping people, make their dreams come true. Well that’s their story, what about you? What do you dream, what is your vision? How are you making a difference?

Share below, your dream, your vision and how are you making a difference?








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