Love Is A Beautiful Thing

The BlossomingHow do you unlock your full potential?

How do you help others to DO the same?

What will it take for you to BLOOM?

Certainly LOVE is… a beautiful thing we can ALL agree on that.

Let me help you by planting a few seeds for GROWTH.

1) Often what we most like and admire in another, we actually admire in ourselves. What we love about another is what we deep down inside also love about who we are AND in some cases, we love the very greatness we see in another because  deep down we believe we have untapped greatness to bloom into, to blossom into.

2) We say…something like “I could do that, I want to do that, I feel alive and fulfilled doing those kinds of things too'” or We say…”I want to make a difference, to serve, to help people and I want to do it like that too,  like they or he or she does”

3) LOVING is something we all want to be, to feel, to give to receive. It begins with you. To be loveable to love and be loved to give and receive love. In relationships often those with similar self esteem we notice are attracted to each other. I don’t believe that opposites attract. I believe like attracts like. In a relationship where one person has high self esteem and the other has low self esteem this isn’t grounds for passion. Passion I believe is found and maintained in relationships that have two people with a similar self esteem. Setting out to change someone in a relationship isn’t valuing them for who they are. I am not talking about enhancing what there already is. I am talking about changing the fabric of who they are.

4) Loving you is the first step to any successful relationship. Owning all parts of you the parts you like and the parts you dislike. We cannot change a thing until we accept it. Until we can be with it. We cannot change that of which we deny. Once we can accept the parts of ourselves we would prefer to disown we can finally begin to change and grow.

Just as a seed becomes a flower and in time, with maturity it develops, it matures, it grows becomes a flower and finally it blooms. In my new book “The Blossoming – A Leaders Guide -10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential” You will learn more and how to unlock your potential even further and of those you lead, help and serve.

Self love, self awareness and learning the keys to unlocking your potential and of those around you is the answer.

I’d love to know what you think, tell me your thoughts on the book cover? Like it, LOVE it, Hate it? Let me know share your comments below!

With LOVE,


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