How To Overcome Overwhelm

SONY DSCI am often asked this question…

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? How do you handle it?

It’s no surprise today that many people are indeed feeling overwhelmed with endless to do lists and the mounting pressures and tasks and responsibilities of daily life. In our fast paced ever changing world, it seems like there are literally just not enough hours in the day to get all the things done that we want to get crossed off our to do lists.


Multitasking often leads to overwhelm and more isn’t always better, less IS.

So what do you do? How can you feel better even when you are feeling overwhelmed? Let me help you by sharing with you these 3 simple practices that can help you to feel better.

Here are 3 Practices To Help You Overcome Overwhelm

1. Acceptance

Often when a person is feeling overwhelmed the natural response is to fight the feelings of anxiety and stress. To run in the opposite direction. By accepting that we are feeling overwhelmed and under pressure and anxious is better. Instead of battling with the feeling, rather instead allowing yourself to ‘be anxious’ to feel overwhelmed for a short time is better than trying to fight it. You could for example set a timer and let yourself be with the emotion for say no more than 10 minutes a day, literally allowing yourself only a small window of time to feel that way. What we try to resist will often persist so instead of running away from the feeling, be with it.

2. Present

If you consider yourself an ‘A’ type personality a high achiever, someone who places a high expectation on yourself, then no doubt you are always striving to accomplish, master and reach greater levels of performance in your career and life. Planning in advance and working towards a grand vision and long term goals can often rob us of basking in the sunshine, stopping to smell the roses along the way. In other words being in the moment and truly appreciating the very present. Allowing yourself to be present and in the moment is helpful to you in several ways, bringing your breathing back into rhythm, feeling more centered and clear and focused. Journal 3 things you are grateful for each day. Practice yoga, mediate and or go for a walk.

3. Relief

A great stress reliever is exercise. Building 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine will help to boost your mood, boost your energy, help to ward off disease, relieve stress and overall help you to feel better. Instead of allowing stress and overwhelm to manage you, you can learn to manage it by cutting it loose through movement and being physically active everyday. Pick just one way to exercise. Try walking for 30 minutes a day to start and you will soon see and feel the difference.

Janet I Mueller is the author of  her forthcoming book “The Blossoming – A Leaders Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential” and “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer. She is a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, and recognized as a woman of outstanding leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association. She is a parent educator, writer, coach and speaker. She helps her clients and audience inspiring and instructing helping them to become the best leaders they can be through personal growth and development and servant leadership




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