Excellent Leaders DO These 3 Things

How do you lead with excellence?

What does it take to be and become an excellent leader?

We don’t become excellent leaders by chance. Excellent leaders become excellent by conscious choice and desire and a decision to grow, to learn and to develop as a leader. To become your best self. Leadership and learning goes hand in hand. A leader never stops learning and growing. They invest in themselves. Their leadership development doesn’t end at the office.

A person who is dedicated and has the desire to lead, to lead well and to lead with excellence is always growing to be and become a better leader, building upon their leadership experiences from the past and working on their strengths to become a truly excellent leader for the future.

So what do excellent leaders DO?

Excellent Leaders do these 3 things:

1. Real – Excellent leaders see things as they are. They are realistic and look at things and situations for what they are. They don’t look through rose tinted glasses. They have a clear perspective on what is happening and have no problem looking at the situation as it is. They don’t sugarcoat it and pretend it is better than it is. They don’t see it worse than it is either.

2. Rainbow – Excellent leaders also see how situations could improve and be better. They know what the ‘rainbow ideal vision’ is, that is the outcomes and results they want. They are able to see and have a vision for what would be better. They can see the rainbow.

3. Reach – Excellent leaders reach and strive to turn the vision into reality. To fulfill the ideal and desired outcomes. They don’t dwell on the negative. They don’t see things worse than they are. Yet they are realistic and take stock of the here and now. They envision how things could improve and be better. They work towards fulfilling that vision and turning it into a living reality.

Excellent leaders are concerned with serving the ‘whole’ doing what is right for the good of the group and team. They don’t merely operate to gratify themselves only, they are conscious of how their actions and behaviors effect all. I believe excellent leaders are servant leaders.

Excellent leaders are heart centered, driven to make a positive difference in the lives of those they lead and serve. They are compassionate, empathetic, energetic, courageous, bold, smart and confident. They lead from their heart and mind and soul. Excellent leaders inspire, encourage, motivate, coach and improve lives, serving as positive role models. Excellent leaders have integrity, values, and strive to become the best they can be. Excellent leaders are spiritual and work to raise and develop other leaders. Excellent leaders become excellent through continuous effort, desire, growth and development. They grow because they decide to, it is intentional growth and they have a passion for learning, lifelong learning to become their best selves so they can pay it forward.

Excellent leaders focus on turning a vision into a reality. To reach for the rainbow.

Excellent Leaders, Love, Serve, Lead Make A Difference and Leave a Legacy!

What do you think it takes to be an excellent leader?

Janet I Mueller is the CEO of J Mueller Group. She passionately serves and helps her clients and audiences to unlock and achieve their full potential through personal development and leadership growth, helping leaders to become excellent leaders through practice and philosophy of servant leadership. Janet is a mom, educator, executive coach, speaker and published author. Coming soon, her new book “The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential”. http://janetimueller.com



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