Celebrate Your Inner & Outer Beauty

BeautyHow To Help Our Girls Celebrate Their Inner and Outer Beauty

Beauty is truth, truth beauty’ — that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
-John Keats

I have had the pleasure of helping to improve the lives of thousands of women internationally partnering with fortune 500 and 100 companies for almost a decade in the beauty industry. The one commonality all women share is that we want to be seen as beautiful. We want to think, sense and feel that we are beautiful. Many women and girls around the world struggle with poor body image and low self-esteem.

I take a stand for beauty, I believe that every woman and girl is beautiful.

I believe that helping women feel beautiful on the outside is important and I believe that helping women and girls to feel beautiful on the inside is just as, if not even more important. Certainly we can enhance our natural beauty with use of beauty products, but what are we doing to feel better about ourselves on the inside? How are we nurturing, growing and celebrating our inner beauty and strengths? How are we honoring our inner beauty?

Like many women, as a girl I remember receiving negative comments about my appearance and being teased about my looks. I am sure many of you can relate. Growing up in the UK I spent most of my youth and mid teens involved in athletics as a competitive gymnast. At some point I became body conscious and the negative comments I received about my weight effected how I felt about myself.

Negative comments can be harmful to a girl’s self-esteem and effect how she thinks and feels about herself.

What women and girls need is praise and encouragement and to know, sense, think and feel that they are beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

Beauty is an inside job!

The fact is YOU are beautiful! You are beautiful on the inside, and on the outside. The truth is you are beautiful just the way you are today. Certainly that does not mean you can’t improve anything you want to, because you can if you so desire; but know that today, just as you are, you are beautiful and realize that beauty has many faces!

Why is it that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves as beautiful?

These facts are disturbing…

  • 4% of women around the world consider themselves as beautiful.
  • 11% of girls around the world feel comfortable using the word beautiful to describe their looks.
  • 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies.
  • 58% of college aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight.

So what can we do as women to help ourselves and help our girls to sense, see, think and feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside?

Our girls need praise and encouragement.

I tell my daughter everyday how beautiful she is and how much I love her. We all want our daughters to grow up feeling good about themselves. We want them to have self-respect and high self-esteem. We want our girls to grow up feeling good about themselves and to honor their inner AND outer beauty. When girls don’t feel good about themselves, or have poor body image this can lead to unhealthy behaviors and eating disorders.

I believe all women and girls are beautiful and that we ought to help celebrate our beauty, to celebrate our inner and outer beauty.

When we celebrate our girl’s inner and outer beauty we help her to unlock her potential, we help her bloom and blossom. When she feels good about herself she is more expressive, open to learn and self accepting not self rejecting. She can accept herself and feel more confident and self-respecting. Remembering that beauty has many faces.  I believe we need to help her feel good about herself on the inside and not to base her self-esteem just on her outer beauty. Certainly we want to raise our girls to take pride in their appearance, to be healthy and active. We also need to help them build positive self-esteem on the inside, to feel good about who they are as a person. To celebrate each girl for who she desires to become in life.

 Beauty Has Many Faces – Celebrate Your Beauty on the Inside

Beauty has many faces. Every woman and girl is beautiful. Every woman and girl is unique in her beauty. You are beautiful because you are kind, caring, intelligent, loving, spirited, artistic, musical, athletic, a science and math genius, talented, spiritual, gifted, generous, happy, joyful, compassionate, silly, playful, nerdy, introvert, extrovert, shy, funny, courageous, brave, smart, bold, confident, helpful, positive…

AND most importantly, you are still beautiful when you fail, fall down, make a mistake, do something silly and mess things up!

How Do We Help Women and Girls To Celebrate Their Beauty?

Here are 3 Practices:

1. Mirror Practice – Standing in front of a full length mirror for a few minutes each day, twice a day and saying “I accept myself, I accept my body the way it is today”; is a daily practice that can help with self-acceptance. Accepting all that you see even if you don’t like parts of your body. Accepting it as it is just for today. With self-acceptance change is possible. Once we can accept ourselves the way we are today, we can if we choose to improve ourselves. By accepting ourselves our self-esteem rises and our confidence grows.

2. Sentence Completion – Writing in a journal each day to complete these sentences will help to improve how you see, think and feel about yourself: “I am beautiful when I…”; “I am a beautiful person because I…”; “I am beautiful in these ways…”.

3. Strengths Focus – As women and girls it is important that we focus on our strengths. the things we are good at. It is a good idea to make a list of ALL your strengths and to build upon those, and focus on improving them. This help raise your self-confidence. This will help you to feel better about yourself. Try to list as many strengths as possible. With a goal of 25 at minimum. Writing these down in a journal and reflecting on these as a daily practice for a few minutes each day.

 “YOU are beautiful. You ARE beautiful inside and out”

The BlossomingJanet I Mueller is the CEO of J Mueller Group. She passionately serves and helps her clients and audiences to unlock and achieve their full potential, to raise their self-esteem through personal growth and leadership development. Helping leaders to become excellent leaders through practice and philosophy of servant leadership. Janet is a mom, educator, executive coach, speaker and published author. Coming soon, her new book “The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential”. Author of “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”Janet is an advocate for women and girls and member of RAINN the largest national anti sexual assault organization. She is hired to speak on personal growth, leadership development and self-esteem.

Learn more and meet Janet here: http://janetimueller.com

To work with Janet or hire her as a speaker for your event please inquire here: info@janetimueller.com








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