Helping Our Youngsters Choose Well

IMG_0787How do we help our youngsters, our future generations to think and plan for their future?

How do we help them to create a life by design?

Certainly a big question for our youngsters, our future generation to think about.

One of the most profound and yet simple exercises I’d like to share with you and one you can be free to use and pass along is one that I use with my coaching clients and learned during coach specific training.

An excellent practice for personal reflection at any age and also one that is helpful toward creating or redesigning your life depending upon what you see having completed the following practice.

As a leader, manager, mentor, parent, coach you may want to share this practice with your teams, men-tees, coaching clients and youngsters!


Imagine yourself at ninety to hundred years of age, sitting in a rocking chair looking back on your life: Seeing what you saw, feeling what you felt, hearing what you heard. As you are today, what advice would you give to your younger self?


What was your life about? How did you contribute? How did you make your difference? Did you put a dent in the world? Perhaps a small one or even a big one? Who did you love, who loved and loves you? Were you happy with what you saw looking back on your life? If anything, what would you like to be different?


Did you like or love what you observed your life to be about? Is there anything you’d want to be different?


What could you do today to positively contribute to, create or redesign the future you want?

One thing is for sure. Certainly the future shall come!

How WE choose moment to moment matters. Our moments are stringed together like a stand of pearls.

I believe that we can help our youngsters, our future generations to consciously think about the choices they make moment to moment and how these choices shape and design their future.

It is important that we help our youngsters to understand that what we DO today does matter. How we choose in each moment counts. The choices we make today are either driving us toward our best life or they are not. Helping our youngsters to create their life, their futures by conscious design and intentionality is greatly important. Helping them to understand and realize that their future is created moment to moment. Their future is an accumulation of moments strung together like a strand of pearls.

Our job as educators, parents, leaders and mentors and teachers is helping our youngsters to make THE best choices they can today. Helping them to understand that what they DO in each moment matters. Not to say we make the perfect decisions in every moment and that we don’t mess up of course we all do from time to time, none of us perfect. What matters is choosing well, the best we can moment to moment and we do this by conscious design, by intentionality.

Each moment serving as a piece of the overall future complete patchwork quilt.

The question is how do we do this? How do we help our youngsters to really break down this question? How do we get them to FOCUS today on their future even though it may look and sound like literally light years away?

We do this by helping them in several different ways:

1) Values – We find out what they care about in life. What their desires, passions and dream are? What do they aspire to be, to become and or achieve in life? What vision do they have for themselves? What do they want their life to be about?

2) Clarity – We help them to get crystal clear on what they want in life. What kind of future do they envision? What kind of work do they want to do? What kind of relationships do they want to have? How much money do they desire to earn? What kind of business do they want to create? What kind of education do they need to have to pursue their dreams? What kind of friendships do they want to have? How do they want to contribute and make a difference in the world?

3) Action – We help them to breakdown their overall vision into bite size chunks. Helping them to realize and see how their choices of today, of this very moment influence and impact their vision and the future they desire for themselves down the road.

Again We Can Invite Them To Ask Themselves These Questions:

“Is what I am doing today in this very moment positively in someway contributing to the future I want”?

“Is what I am doing now driving me closer toward the future I want or further away”?

“What could I, what would I need to do different to drive me closer toward what I do want in life, where does my focus need to be”?


To our youngsters, our future generations, our leaders of tomorrow, each moment is choice, each moment is a pearl, each moment we get to choose and shape and create and or redesign our future. Each moment matters, each moment is a choice, each moment a gift, each moment you get to choose, you get to decide, you get to create and design the life you want, you get to hold the string of pearls in the end, the complete patchwork quilt, be sure to choose and choose well.

Love, Serve, Lead Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy!



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