Celebrate Your Partner The Love of Your Life

Ladies, need some idea’s or inspiration for celebrating the love of your life this weekend?

Celebrate your partner, the special man in your life, the love of your life – always And especially on Father’s Day!


Not sure what to give the love of your life, the Father of your children this weekend? Above all, be present remind him how much you love and appreciate him, and show him, let him know how much he means to you.

Here are a few idea’s to help you celebrate the love of your life this weekend and help him to feel even more loved, more connected and more joy and peace.

Treat him to a long and luxurious back massage, a fun round of golf together, with the kids, create and make him his favorite chocolate chip cookies, have the kids help, be creative have fun in the kitchen prepare a romantic dinner, for two, include his favorite red wine, dine in or out, treat him to a romantic dinner for two at his favorite Chinese or French bistro, or family dinner gathering, perhaps a last minute surprise trip for the two of you or the entire family somewhere relaxing and rejuvenating or exciting and adventurous. Gift him with the book he’s been wanting to read, go hiking in the trails together, relax beneath a tree with a good book and picnic together or with the kids, how about a bike ride get off the grid and explore.  Whatever you decide to do to treat the special man in your life this weekend let him know just how much you love him and appreciate him, celebrate him And especially on this day, on Father’s Day! Let him know how much you admire the man he is.

How will you choose to celebrate the love of your life this Father’s Day weekend? Share your comments below.



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