How To Lead With Style And Grace

How do some of our greatest leaders manage to lead with such style and grace and do so during times of extreme challenge or difficulty?

How do they manage to stay composed and deal with struggle and be calm for those they lead and serve during turbulent times?

Some of our greatest leaders I believe who lead with style and grace are indeed servant leaders. Of the many attributes we associate with someone who is a servant leader, those who do lead with style and grace own these six qualities specifically:

1. Authentic – They authentically have a desire to serve and lead and do what is best for the whole. They are not driven by ego and power and significance, although power and influence may be a by product of leading, rather their mission is to serve first then lead. They lead from the heart, mind, body and soul. They believe and see their purpose a vision for the future.

2. Faith – Servant Leaders have faith, they are spirit filled. They believe even when things don’t go as planned. They intrinsically intuitively know, think and feel that they are destined for a particular purpose. They encourage and inspire those they lead and serve to believe in a higher purpose also.

3. Compassion – Leaders who lead with style and grace are compassionate. They care about people, genuinely they care not because they feel or think they ought too, rather because they are authentically a caring individual. They have a deep compassion for humanity. With compassion comes healing. They have compassion for themselves and those they serve and lead.

4. Empathy – Servant Leaders are empathetic. They first seek to understand another, then next to be understood. They have the ability to empathize with others, to see, think, feel and sense what another person is experiencing, through deep compassion and empathy. Some who are extremely empathetic can see the soul of a person and somehow sense and feel their pain even if they themselves have not experienced a similar situation, or maybe they have.

5. Forgiveness – Servant Leaders are quick to forgive. Even if they think, sense or feel they have been wronged in some way. They may not forget where they buried the hatchet yet they do forgive. Forgiveness to release themselves so they are free to move forward with their mission, purpose and vision.

6. Make a Difference – Leaders who lead with style and grace are driven intrinsically to make a difference, to contribute beyond themselves and to leave a lasting legacy. They desire lead with excellence, to always leave a situation better than when they found it and they learn to lead both from their heart And mind. A winning combination. They are driven by purpose, love, desire and a personal integrity and a deep sense of loyalty to serve.

Ultimately Servant Leader’s who lead with style and grace –  love, serve, lead, make a difference and leave a legacy!

What are your thoughts on what it takes to lead with style and grace? How do servant leaders differ from other leaders? Tell us what your thoughts are and or some of your experiences working alongside a great leader?

Love. Serve. Lead Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy!

Janet I Mueller is the CEO of J Mueller Group. She passionately serves and helps her clients and audiences to unlock and achieve their full potential, raise their self-esteem through personal growth and leadership development. Helping leaders to become excellent leaders through practice and philosophy of servant leadership. Janet is a mom, educator, executive coach, speaker and published author. Coming soon, her new book “The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential”. Author of “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer”Janet is an advocate for women and girls and member of RAINN the largest national anti sexual assault organization. She is hired to speak on personal growth, leadership development and self-esteem.

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