Education What Are Our Opportunities for The 21st Century

parentingOur Children are THE future and how we raise them matters. Teachers, Parents, Educators, Community, Civic Leaders, Business Owners,  WE can all come together on this and agree, that we ALL want our children and students to succeed.

My thoughts on education come from my own personal educational experience and a broader perspective, having spent time as a parent being engaged in and volunteering in public, private and charter schools and as a home-school teacher and researcher. I have also had the privilege of teaching in the classroom and delivering an eight week after school program that I created “Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills”.

Today, a questions WE all care about is…

 Are we truly equipping our future generation to succeed for the modern world? Are we raising them to thrive and survive to meet the demands of the 21st century?


How well are we doing in preparing them for the future? Does our current curriculum and educational model best equip, and support, and prepare, and inspire our future generations to succeed in the modern world? 

Are we fueling their passions and dreams for their future?

Job Prospects:

  • 65% of primary school children will end up in jobs that have not yet been created.
  •  More than 40% of fortune 500 companies will be non-existent in the next ten years.

What does that mean? This means that those aspiring to land executive jobs for the future in these kind of companies will likely need to reconsider their goals. Certainly, technology, healthcare and finance are viable options for future careers and entrepreneurial opportunities are ripe.


For our students and children aspiring to pursue a doctorate degree, for now, will need to pursue these academics in college. For many parents and students the cost of attaining such an education and doctorate degree can be a real strain on finances or even out of their reach. At one time it was said that chiropractors had the largest student debts? Perhaps with a reduction in the time it takes to attain a doctorate degree we may see an even higher graduation rate among our students, and lower student drop out rates, less student and or parent college debt. Less debt in the economy. Less financial stress or strain for parents and students. More students fulfilling their passions and as a result a healthier world and a demand for more healthcare professional will be met.


I’d like to see EVERY child in every classroom assigned a computer. Every home with a computer.

  • One study suggests that 93% of school departments heads believe that students without a home computer were educationally disadvantaged.

Every child around the world ought to have access to learning. No matter where they live or their economic status. Every child deserves to have access to learning. Technology fuels the intrinsic motivations of our children. The 3 main areas are: Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness. Access to technology can help hem master challenges, provide opportunity for connection and help them to feel in control to make rational choices and use technology for a purpose.

Every child deserves access to learn. What we need to do is help parents, teachers and educators to feel more confident with technology and provide education about online safety.

Accessibility & Safety:

  • 70% of parents are looking to teachers at school for advice about online safety

How often are our children having access to technology in our classrooms today and how confident do our teachers and parents feel using technology and teaching our children how to use it safely?

How then are we tackling the issue of cyber bullying and do we really know what our children are doing online?

  • 43% of kids are bullied online
  • Only 1-10 will report this to a parent
  • Those being bullied  are 2-9 more times likely to commit suicide
  • 160,000 kids per day do not attend school for fear of being bullied
  • Effects of cyber bullying may include: anxiety, stress, depression, withdrawal, and have other emotional, psychological consequences.

Child safety, IS vital and as teachers, parents, educators it is our job to encourage learning, exploration and curiosity And at the same time, our awareness and guidance and observations are needed. We need to monitor what our children are doing online. Our aim is to protect and promote child safety, whilst encouraging curiosity and learning.

The Art:

Many teachers came to teaching profession to make a difference in the lives of others and creativity is key. Are we losing the art of teaching and behaving more like administrators, filling the pail, fire hosing information; and as teachers, do we feel fulfilled in our roles. How many teachers are leaving the profession feeling as though their hands are tied, and much of the art of teaching is being lost to administer set curriculum and testing. Are are we facilitating and engaging and tailoring our curriculum to suit the needs of our students? Are we putting enough emphasis on the importance of art and creativity in our classrooms? Or do we discipline the child who is a day dreamer, a visionary who could well be our next Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or President of the United States? We know that learning happens inside and outside the classroom. Just like in many professions, on and off the job training combines and integrates learning.

Valuable Resources:

How many schools are embracing the abundance of community educational resources, such as business experts and entrepreneurs, inviting them into the classrooms to help educate and encourage and inspire and ignite a passion in our future leaders and business owners, our entrepreneurs, day dreamers of tomorrow?


Most would agree, that technology is a good thing. I think how it’s used, how often it’s used, and how we monitor safety is a bigger issue. I don’t think our children and students ought to be glued to a bright screen all day and miss out on opportunities to be fit and healthy through physical activities. We don’t need to add to the obesity epidemic and encourage our children to be still and fixed to a screen all day.

The Internet, provides opportunities for learning on demand, and for many that is a dream come true. We can pick and choose what we want to learn, when we want to learn it, and how we want to consume it. It is convenient.

What are your thoughts on the future of education?

What do you think we need to look at when it comes to equipping our children and our students for the 21st century?

Are we getting right, do we need something different? What opportunities do we have for the future?

We can all agree, our children are THE future and their success is something we ALL care about.

Janet I Mueller is the founder of J Mueller Group. Helping leaders to become excellent leaders and unlock their full potential. Janet helps and serves her clients as a speaker, consultant, coach and author and is a home-school teacher and entrepreneur. She is a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship with Virgin Unite.  Janet is the author of the whitepaper, “The 6 Essential Practices To Raising Self-Esteem in Women and Our Girls Today” and author of her forthcoming book “The Blossoming – A Leader’s Guide 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Blooming Potential”.

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