Work Your Plan – How To Succeed In The Next 12 Months

Janet Mueller BWHow can you experience  higher levels of satisfaction and performance in your career, health, business, relationships, and finances during the next twelve months? And What will it take for you to adventure and journey and master this process? Being intentional, purposeful and strategic when it comes to setting priorities or projects that you want to accomplish and complete is vital. Having a sense and clear picture in mind of what it is that you want and feel like you want to accomplish is key AND focusing on how you will feel, having made progress in these area’s is important to think about. Perhaps you want to master a new skill next year. Learn french, Italian, Spanish, play the violin, run a marathon, and experience more joy and fun in life?

Here are 3 simple Idea’s for you to consider as you make your plans for the next 12 months and be sure to get my 3 step productivity guide and use it as a tool to help you focus and accomplish your priorities now and for the year ahead.  Get it here: Productivity Guide

1. Begin with the end in mind

Be crystal clear about what you want. What outcomes do you want to achieve? Getting this on your calendar is essential. Because, what gets on the calendar, gets done! Focus your attention on how you will feel, having accomplished, completed or made the progress you want in your chosen area of focus? Focus on the positive feelings and emotions you expect to feel having achieved the desired results you want. How will this improve the quality of your life?

2. Know your Why

Knowing WHY we want, what we want is essential to helping us sustain our motivation. Why do you want to learn that new skill? Improve your relationship, Have more success in your career or business? Why do you want to improve your health? How will this improve your life and even the lives of those around you? Why are these important for you to master, make progress with and or succeed at? What is the payoff?

3. Strategic Action Steps

Less is MORE. When we have too many items or tasks on our to do list, this can lead to us feeling overwhelmed. Our focus needs to be on what matters most. Our core priorities and projects. Once we have this streamlined focus, we ought to focus as intensely as possible in these area’s. Scheduling a specific allotted time on the calendar each day or days to work on strategic actions is important and will help you make the progress you want.

Where do you most want to excel at in your life, career, business, relationships, health and finances next year? What will be your main priorities?

Here is my Productivity Guide, a tool to help you get the most out of the next twelve months.

Janet I Mueller is the founder of J Mueller Group that exists to serve and help her clients to achieve higher levels of performance at work and in life. She works with organizations, executives, entrepreneurs and educators. She’s also passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of our youth, our future leaders of tomorrow! Janet is a Certified Life Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker and Author and Mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship with Virgin Unite. Her expertise for coaching is rooted in studies: of RMT Strategic Intervention Coaching with Robbins Madanes Training, High Performance Academy, Experts Academy Elite Coach Training Program and 116 hrs of Coach Training with CTI The Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA. Janet’s has pursued studies in Human Physiology, Nutrition, Psychology of Popularity, Educational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology and Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People and The Neurosciences of Human Relationships. Janet is the founder and creator of Leadership In Excellence Academy, an 8 week after school program for children that facilitates learning around “Leadership & Entrepreneurial” skills. She has created and facilitated personal development training workshops for teachers and is a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology. Janet is the author of the whitepaper “The 6 Essential Practices To Raising Self-Esteem in Women and Girls Today”. And the author of her forthcoming book “The Blossoming” – A Leader’s Guide – 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Potential. She is a home-school educator and parent.

The-Blossoming-Cover-crpThe Blossoming is a must-read book for any leader seeking to develop those necessary skills that will allow them to outperform most ordinary coaches. I would highly recommend this excellent book not only to leaders and coaches, but to any human being engaged in the process of self-transformation. —Jose Gomez, M.D. – Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founding Fellow of the Institute for Coaching at Harvard University, Medical School




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