How To Be A Great Team Member And Leader

2012-12-08 15.45.29 HDRCertainly, culture matters and so does having a great team. A great leader is only as good as the people he or she has working with and or for him or her.  A great leader and great team together create the culture that our customers experience. We all want excellent service!

Whether you are the leader of a team or a team member, I believe there are 4 key actions we can all demonstrate that will enable us to become better leaders and or team members.

Here are 4 idea’s to help you BE a great leader and or a great team member:

1. Respect

Treating your team members like your best customer really IS good advice. And especially since often they are the ones out in-front often directly dealing with our customers.  Treating those who report to you with respect IS absolute key to being a great leader and really a great person. Being respectful is a human quality. Certainly being in a position of leadership isn’t a pass, to be rude AND obnoxious.  Leader’s who allow their positional power to inflate their ego to the vastness of mount Everest are not the type of leader’s most people want to work with.  Most of the leaders we admire, are those who treat people and their teams with respect. Being respectful isn’t a leadership quality, it’s a human quality after-all AND one that we can all practice no matter what our position. Leader’s who allow their ego’s to get the better of them may be in trouble. They may believe that in order to gain respect they need to be rude and obnoxious  and of course we all know the opposite is true. The intelligent, mature leader’s of the world practice their people skills. They understand the complexity of relationships and getting along. Relationships are key. Be he kind of leader other people want to work with and for and watch your retention soar!

2. Coach-ability

No matter what your position, be it a leader or team member, being coach-able is ALL about attitude. Having a positive and open, growth mindset and a wanting to learn is key. Don’t be the kind of person who is closed minded, who thinks they know it all and thinks he has nothing to learn. Coach ability is all about attitude, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, to grow, it’s being humble enough to admit we don’t always have all the answers, all of the time, and that each of us,  have opportunity to expand our horizons, to learn and grow no matter our position. If you want to succeed in life, in business, at work, BE coach-able. You cannot develop a team member who has a bad attitude. Hire for attitude, character and train for skill.

3. Contribution

Sharing your idea’s, thoughts and suggestions on how we might improve, how we can be better together and what we might we try next in our efforts to succeed is all about making a difference and contributing to the whole. Every person has unique talents and strengths to share, idea’s to voice, suggestions to contribute. Creating a culture where people feel encouraged to share and voice their idea’s and suggestions is key to great leadership, even if corporate constraints don’t allow for much individual creativity. Recognizing, respecting, appreciating and encouraging the unique talents and strengths of each team member is great leadership advice.

4. Ownership

A great team member doesn’t say, “That’s not my job” in fact that is not a team player at all. A great team member may not hold a positional leadership role, yet their actions and attitude are demonstrations of leadership. They take ownership and responsibility and do their best to find a solution or a wok around to a problem. They don’t throw their hands up in the air and say “That’s not my job”. A great team member, does what is best for the team, they take on challenges and responsibility, their actions are their leadership strength, regardless of their position.

Create the kind of culture, you’d like to be a part of. As the leader and team member, you both get to design the culture. Our customers can feel the difference. Let us make it a positive and respectful one.

Be the kind of leader and team member you’d want to work with. Treating other people, the way we want to be treated is always sound advice. No matter our position. Be respectful, be coach-able, contribute and take ownership. Together we win, together we make a difference and together we succeed.




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