JANET I. MUELLER is the author of “A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer“.

A New York house will now publish and will be in bookstores in 2013. Title and cover are subject to possible change.

A book inspired through the passing of her best friend to breast cancer. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Business Consultant and founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy. Janet feels blessed that God granted her a passport of more time; having survived a near death experience, a physical attack that took place more than 15 years ago whilst visiting an island off the coast of north Africa. Janet believes her calling in life is to serve and make a difference in the lives of others around the world. She speaks on women’s issues, personal growth and leadership.

Lessons in Leadership!

“I was first introduced to John C. Maxwell’s work in 1998 at the start of my leadership journey in the USA. I share his passion for leadership, teaching and serving others. I believe he has helped shape the leader I have become! Sports and leadership have a lot in common. As a competitive gymnast for more than 10 years you learn things like discipline, hard work, teamwork, persistence, patience, endurance, creativity and the ability to vision, plan, execute and accomplish! You also learn how to overcome challenges and press forward”.

Janet’s compassion, empathy and humility ignited her passion to lead and develop others from a young age. Her father a social worker and former math teacher had sparked her interest in teaching and helping others. Her leadership career began at 19 leading staff and managing a travel agency. By the time she was 26 she led a district of 300 independent business owners and was the youngest leader on the team. At 27 she got on a one way ticket to the USA and in time would lead an independent sales force of up to 800. At 34 she became a Regional Manager for a global skin care company leading a region that consisted of 13 states, 90 leaders and 2,000 independent business owners. At 35 Janet’s coaching business, Leadership In Excellence, was born and shortly after she was blessed by the birth of her daughter.

“Being a full time stay-at-home Mom is one of the most rewarding and yet challenging experiences, and one I would not trade for the world. The time you spend with your child is golden. The transition from career driven corporate leader to being a full-time stay-at-home Mom is certainly quite a journey. You learn to become more patient,  flexibility is a must, as is a sense of humor!”.

Janet later took on a role as Area VP of business development with a national home care company where she successfully led an outside sales team of professional sales executives and clinicians. Today she continues to serve and helps others through her teaching, coaching and speaking on the following:

  • Women’s Issues (Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Rape, Work Place Bullying, Self Esteem)
  • Personal Leadership (Discipline, Productivity, Focus, Getting it done)
  • Servant Leadership (Love. Serve. Lead Make a Difference)
  • Team Development (Organizations, Direct Sales home based business)
  • Business Transformation (Direct Sales home based business)
  • Leaders Developing Leaders (Leadership Development)
  • Coaching for Higher Performance (Women, Men, Youth)
  • Leave a Legacy (How to write a book)
  • Youth Leadership (Bullying, Self Esteem, Goal Setting, Mindset, Leadership)

“As leaders we never stop learning, it’s a personal dedication, a commitment to love, serve, lead and develop others”

 Love – Serve – Lead – Make a Difference, Leave a Legacy!


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Sharing Their Voice…

“My sincerest thanks to Janet for the opportunity to help parents and teachers through her outstanding leadership work. We share a loving concern for children. We value the growing need to address their natural curiosity and to engage their attention…even for just a minute. The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids, is my way of addressing those needs. The book grew from a tiny seed in my head, planted by an observation of a little boy whose Mom was focused on her cell phone for 45 minutes instead of on him…lost opportunities. My goal is to reach at least 1,000,000 parents and all of their kids! Janet’s encouragement has pushed me higher and farther along the path. She understands HOW to take a seed, help it grow, and watch it bloom…With gratitude…Dr. Connie Hebert, National Speaker, Author, & Reading Expert

“As a 24 year cancer survivor, who is definitely a thriver, I immediately gravitated to this book based on its title. However, it was the incredibly diversified stories of inspiration, the depth of love and compassion expressed, the insightful and soul-probing questions included, and the simple, easy to implement, spiritually based strategies, that make this book a “must” read for both the patient and the caregiver alike.” – Marilyn Joyce, RD, PhD, Founder & CEO of “Kick Cancer In The Can”, and author of “INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy & Vitality

“A Champion’s Guide to Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer is a gift to all who must walk the path of cancer because it goes BEYOND the initial stages and challenges. It uses the ‘power of the story’ to inspire and encourage readers. It uses the ‘power of reflective insight’ to help readers say, “Hmmm…” as they read. It uses the ‘power of sharing’ to create a community for those who truly KNOW. Author Janet I Mueller said it best when she wrote:
“Life is like the Olympics. It’s a series of events. Run in such a way as to win the race. You receive honor, victory, and crowns for your accomplishments.” True! I hope you will be as touched by this powerful book, as I have been. Let other women know about it” – Dr. Connie Hebert, National Literacy Consultant & Author of The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids.

 “A Champions Guide to Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer” is an inspirational book for all- patients, families and friends. It offers emotional, spiritual and practical advice on how to not only survive but thrive during a difficult time. I especially love the individual stories of courage, the inspirational quotes, the 27 tips in Chapter 13 and the thought provoking questions. Thank you, Janet, for creating such a worthwhile resource for women and their loved ones.” – Laura Zeiser Anthony

“I am a breast cancer thriver since 1997. I wish I had read this book back then. This is a must read for anyone with breast cancer and their family. The author is really gifted and guided by God’s love. The book is full of guidance and gives insight; it will help you and your loved ones. With the family also reading this book it will give them a better understanding of what you are going through and how they can help you”

—Virginia M. Schindler, Breast Cancer Thriver

“This book is an inspirational guide that provides hope and encouragement to those with breast cancer and their loved ones”

-Kristin Shea, RN OCN, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Center

“This is an incredibly uplifting and encouraging book that gives hope and guidance for anyone on a journey with breast cancer or who are faced with other life’s struggles. Its comforting to know you are not alone”.

– Patti Bates, Sports Director

“An uplifting, encouraging and empowering book. Stories of courage that are a must read for anyone on a journey with any type of cancer. I love the interactive study guide”

—Whitney Chevtaikin, Stylist New York Hair

“A Champions Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer is an inspiring and uplifting guide, I love the concept, beautifully written. Janet I Mueller is such a fabulous author.”

—Natasha Jane Bullas, Owner at Sun Coast Golf Center

“This book is perfect for women going through a trial with breast cancer. It’s wonderful, very encouraging, very personal! God is spoken of throughout your book, and I know He’s the most important ingredient to everyone’s healing, strength, perseverance and hope as they walk through any trial”

—Pam Kitchens

“What an amazing and enriching book! I learned so much from it.” I’m glad that He gave you the gift of time so that you can help millions of women to realize that they can be strivers, survivors and thrivers. I look forward to sharing your book.”

—Barbara Smith

 “It’s been an honor to work with Janet Mueller and to be one of the 7 featured Thrivers in her book, A Champions Guide to Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer.”

—Angela Long, Founder of Breast Investigators

 “During our initial contact, I was most impressed with Janet and her desire to help women and breast cancer. She has a magnetic personality making each contact an absolute delight. It was a pleasure sharing my experiences as a four year survivor with her.”

—Martha Lanier, Author of Pink Lemonade, Motivational Speaker

 “Thank you so much for stepping in on such short notice to speak to the Diabetes Support Group… Those who attended spoke highly of your presentations…”

—Patty Burns, Director, Manasota Diabetes Support Group

 “Janet is an excellent coach and mentor. Her skills allowed me to develop as a sales executive and create both personal and professional goals and the strategies needed to achieve them. She is personable and professional. I enjoyed working with her.”

– Laura Anthony, Account Sales Executive, Amedisys Home Health Services

“Congratulations on the publication of your book. I would love to read it and wonder how I would get a copy of it? I am interested in writing also, have been for years really. Now it’s one of my to do things with about 3 books in the process. How wonderful your motivational site is. We all need positive input these days”

– Eleanor Gleiter

“Janet has always been a positive and motivating person to work with. She has a unique and personable way about her that is very difficult to find. I find her to be a great mentor and inspiring no matter what you do in life she will always be there to get you motivated to be your best.”

—Nancy McPhee

 “Janet has a deep passion for coaching individuals and teams to go from where they are to the next level. I appreciate her ability to call out those truths that need to be addressed and the way she holds me accountable to take action on what’s important to me.”

—Laquisha Pinkston, Senior Software Service Executive, IBM

 “I have considered and discarded the idea of investing in a personal coach for many years. In the meantime, I’ve tried practically every other way to accelerate my business to the next level…books, videos, tapes, ezines, conference calls, online courses, and live events. Nothing helped, until I received a FREE coaching session with Janet. WOW…what a difference an hour can make!! I got off that first coaching call with definite steps that I could take to move me forward. My family and business colleagues saw an immediate improvement in my attitude, my focus, and my sales and recruiting results; and wholeheartedly encouraged me to continue my coaching sessions. I have BIG DREAMS!! I’m willing to work harder to achieve them. I also want to work smarter and not waste my precious time on things that won’t bring results. I believe the coaching sessions with Janet will continue to help me move toward my Dreams at an accelerated rate. I highly recommend Janet.”

—Arleatha “Lisa” Washington, Independent Beauty Consultant and Manager

 “I hired Janet Mueller as my business development coach. Janet provided me with skills and strategies to grow my business and attract more patients. I would highly recommend Janet Mueller as a business development coach to my friends and colleagues…”

—Dr. M. Hammond, OD

 “The regional meeting was wonderful and very informative. You are a great leader and I appreciate you very much…”

—Carolyn Erskine, RN, Director of Hospital Specialty Accounts

 “Janet is a wonderful leader. I enjoyed working with her as my Regional Sales Manager at Jafra Cosmetics.”

—Janice Todd, Independent Beauty Consultant and Manager

 “Janet’s background and knowledge combines wonderfully with her skill and compassion as a coach. Our coaching sessions were comfortable, insightful and enjoyable; she not only helped me to move forward, but helped me to experience my world in more fulfilling ways. Thanks Janet!”

—Jim Accetta, Coach

 “Within a few weeks of becoming part of Janet’s team I found myself more involved, excited and motivated about my new Avon business than anything else. The support and motivation given to me from Janet just made me want to do more and more and I started to eat, sleep and breathe Avon. Leadership started slow but again with the guidance of Janet and my upline leader I was able to achieve Unit Leader – Janet was everything Avon stands for, she was our guidance, our support, our motivator, our “Go to” person our friend and our biggest fan.”

—Denise Hendershot, Independent Business Owner

 “I had the privilege of meeting and studying coaching with Janet in 2004. What admired most about her was her commitment to learn, her enthusiasm and positive attitude about life in general. Her spirit was contagious amongst the rest of the students as well. It was just plain fun to be around her!”

—Dickey Dupuis, Coach

 “I was recruited by Janet Mueller last July and from day one she was a great manager. She got me interested in leadership within a month of me joining AVON and with her help and support I achieved AUL in C5. I have been in the corporate world before and I have to say Janet has to be the most amazing leader I have ever worked with. She is passionate, enthusiastic and makes me want to be the same way in regard to my business.”

—Renee Delhomme, Independent Business Owner

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